So I thought I would send out a little ditty I wrote back during my days of drinking and writing.

Somedays I hate being sappy!

The Trip

As we walk along,
life so grand,
through troubles big and small,
just take my hand.

For I am with you,
a friendship so near,
the joy we share when
the other is near.

When you fall and cry
take my hand,
and brush the tears by.

For I’ll walk beside you,
over any type of land
through the grass of growth,
and the forest of fear.
There is no trouble,
that I won’t be near

So as we walk along
from point a to point b
just take my hand,
& the country we will see.

For we walk to a goal,
some we don’t share.
But as your friend,
I know you care!

Walking down the road,
down a path out of sight,
your friendship is with me
all through the night.

When the pain is around,
& the pressure is here.
Remember your friendships &
your pain will dissapear.

From the time of shallow seas,
to the long flowing sand.
Life will go on,
but our friendship will stand.

Copyright (c) 1994 Sean A. Donahue
All Rights Reserved!

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