There has always been a great tragedy that I know of. I’ve seen such great radio talents move on to bigger and better things

and to watch them fail while talents who have moderate talent succeed because of effort. Nothing should be handed to you on the basis of talent if you don’t have the effort behind it.

Yeah, I know. I’ve taken a small sabatical from writing so I can work on the Castle.

Yes, I am still waiting for reviews from people (LIKE AL and others) who I entrusted my first book.

Most reviews have been glowing and some have been muted. But the story gave people thoughts and opinions. That was its intended goal.

I can not and will not stop writing. This is my release of feelings and emotions. Some are muted due to the man, but the more I write, the more I write these wonderful characters the more I think that the story is worth sharing with others.

Which gets me back to effort and talent.

I’ve survived in radio with average talent but extraordinary heart and effort. This job spits you out as fast as it can.

But effort has always been there.

I’ve had my moments where the effort wasn’t there. I just went through the motions and it showed. My family noticed, my job noticed and I ignored the signs.

But I always have enjoyed watching people that have effort and mediocre talent beat the snot out of people with talent and no effort.

The point is I’ve come to a period where I need to shit or get off the crapper.

And I choose to write.

I hope that I can make some money doing this, cause then I can have more in the bank for the kiddos.

I love my job and I come back each and every day wanting and willing to kick and fight showing what I have in my heart that is love for my work.

But I’m 36. I have to look toward the future. I want to be able to do what I am going to do in Maui in May, sit on a beach and write. Watch a sunset and relax, look at my kids and spend quality time with them.

But time is my enemy. Every second that I am here doing one thing or another is another second in some cases wasted.

Treasure each moment, do what you love and put all your effort into it.

Cause we don’t live forever.

But the paths and thoughts we leave behind do…

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  1. “Cause we don’t live forever.
    But the paths and thoughts we leave behind do…”

    So true… I love it!!

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