Since I moved to Lubbock in 1992 I’ve discovered amazing people…

But since I’m an idiot and don’t write often, I lose track of people.

I found an old address book of friends that I had when in was at Texas Tech, so I’m going to list a bunch of people and significance and see if we can find out, WHAT ARE THEY DOING NOW?

If you know of them or where they can be found, e-mail me at the blog. I’d appreciate it. Let’s get cold…

Suzette Harris – May be using the alias Suzette Becker. Last time I saw her was at her wedding in Midland. Spunky redhead with a soul of gold.

Jamie Sanders – Ex guitar player for Spilling Poetry, the band I managed when I first moved to Lubbock. Had heard he had gotten divorced and was looking forward to catching up with him, but he disappearred.

Sara Dunn – Once lived in Carrolton, now…?

Harold Dominguiz – Once Assistant City Manager for Lubbock, now disappearred into the City Manger of ???.

Eric and Bethany Gerlach – Eric was a pal when I was on the seventh floor at Murdough. Last time I saw him and his wife Bethany, we were exchanging writing samples. It would be great to hear from them.

Mike and Janice Hitchcock – Yes, I’m an idiot. I lost their address when they lived somewhere on Timber Leaf drive. Mike was a programmer and Janice a stay at home mom with Denise and Michelle their daughters.

Sharee Lewis – Ran around with me when I was managing the band before I met Angela. Once lived in Levelland, now???

Amy Leann Coon-Thompson – when I lived in Bedford ran around with me and John Holcomb.

Brian and Charlotte Wolf – Once of the finest talents in radio and was lucky to marry the sweetest woman alive.

There you have it, Cold Case – Lubbock.

It was a trip down memory lane to see how each and everyone of them touched my life in one way or another.

It would be great to catch up with them again.

Back to more Nyquil – Flu edition and sleep.

3 thoughts on “Cold Case – Lubbock

  1. Hey I recognize most of those. I would like to know what their up to now as well. But then again I would add a few more to that list.

  2. Sean, Harold is the City Manager in San Angelo.

    Seab Replies: “Mystery #1 Solved! I love it when a plan comes together!”

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