We all have been following this story from the papa-rat-zi’s. Britney is basically drugged out and not a good influence for her kids.. we all chuckle as she shows her drunken beaver to the world.

 It is easy to get caught up in the whole hype and bullshit of the situation but I feel for her. I think it is because of this experience I had a few years back.

 I do not really think anyone can explain how hard it is to be seperated from your children for whatever reason. I have lived a life that has contained a ton of bad experiences, pain and saddness but nothing compared to being seperated from my children and not knowing when I was going to see them again.

 I think this experience gave me a great empathy for other people in this situation. So here is to hoping and praying that Britney can get her life together and be reuinited with her kids.

 I also wish Sean the best of luck in his situation and I want him to know I at least have a small idea of what he is going through. Keep strong man and trust that things will work out.

We all love you or we would not read the crap you write every day.



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  1. I’ve been a reader of Waffles for years, but haven only recently found this site. I had never seen the post that he links here, and I’m still amazed by the honesty and sincerity, from a guy who very often can be as brutal and gross as they come. IT, I hope you can see how far Waffles has come since his post in March 05 and you should be proud to have friends like Waffles who are willing to share those things, not only with you, but for your readers when you are going through a tough time. Hope you hang in there as well, love your blog, and hope everyone has a great new year.


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