I’ve made no secret about my feelings for my brother, I love him, and I hate him. see, he’s an alcoholic, not your binge’in weekend warrior type of alcoholic but the fullblown lying, stealing, going out of your way to ruin every person’s life you ever came into contact with kind of alcoholic. My hope for any change in my relationship with him and for his health in general had flickered to a pilot light many many years ago.
he called me yesterday “just to talk.” i was floored. he hasn’t picked up the phone to “just talk” with me in 15 years. we talked for two hours. apparently, after 20+ years he finally hit rock bottom and actually checked himself into rehab. checked himself into rehab. i just have to keep repeating that because i still do not believe that it’s true. it’s not your run of the mill rehab either, this is the full blown six month commitment or don’t bother filling out the paperwork rehab and he did it himself, no pressure, no court order, just himself. he is going into his forth month now.
no matter how bad it gets, not matter how much they have hurt you, no matter how little hope you keep telling yourself you have for them, when you care for someone you just have to keep having it. i have hope again.