Dad is in a room now and he is being poked and prodded.

He did tell me one story that made me smile. 

He told me how the nurse who gave him his catheter used to work at the Mexican food place that my parents used to go to.  So she goes from serving his encheladas to stuffing a tube in his burrito.

I gave in and let the bosses at work know whats going on, thank goodness they haven’t read this blog in a while, not saying I’ve put anything on here that you know I don’t talk about work on here. Never mind. 

“Why are you still here?”

I’ve talked to him folks and he is in good spirtis.  I get updates every three hours or as information comes.  All I would do is pace and that would only hurt me.  What I need to is keep myself busy and be ready to leave in a moments notice.

BUT nothing is coming.  No news in my mind is good news.  But in the words of Stevie Ray “I’ve gotta a real, real bad feeling”.

But I am remaining positive.  I have to.  My family is a family of fighters.

and that’s all I have to say on that.

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