Let me tell you two stories, one of Karma and one of principle.

That found their way into…

The Tragedy Zone.

Twenty Seven Cents

Today I was asked to go with my boss to Sonic.  We ordered our happy hour drinks and when they were brought the total came to $1.73.  My boss gave the runner $2.  A simple transaction.

“I’ll be back with your twenty seven cents sir,” the boy said as he ran back supposedly to get my boss his change.

“You’ll never see him again,” I said as I started to laugh.

“I’m going to tip him a dollar if he brings me my 27 cents.”

“You’ll never see him,” I laughed and continued to try to drink without having Diet Cherry Coke out my nose.

His anger grew with each following minute.

“Excuse me,” he said to a girl who was picking up garbage. “Could you find the young hispanic boy who said he would be bringing back my change and get my twenty seven cents.  I’ll tip you if you do.”

I still trying to keep my drink from coming out my nose.

“I’ll be damned if they take my change expecting a tip.”

“So give em the twenty seven cents.”

She came back before he answered and gave him the twenty seven cents.  He then turned around and gave her a dollar.

“So that I understand this right.  You paid a dollar to get twenty seven cents back,” I asked with seriousness in my voice.

“It’s the principle of the whole thing,” he said.

Net -.73.

But he gave it to a CUTE carhop.

Holy Calendar Batman!

Back when the kids came here I was forced to buy one of the “St. Joseph Catholic School” Calendars cause my daughter Shelby batted her eyes and said “Please Daddy, I need to sell a couple of these.”

Looking at her I could not refuse.

The catch was that every calendar sold had an amount of money, $50 normally with once a month “Holy Thursday” giveaways of $200.

The cost of the calendar was $25.  My ex-wife told me that she had tried for years to win.  She hadn’t.  But today I got a letter from her school.  I was scared.  I thought Shelby may have been in trouble.  But I was surprised.  Extremely surprised to see the following:

Dear Mr Donahue,

Congratulations, you have just won $50 through the 2008 Calendar Fund Raiser for Jan 5th. Many thanks for your support of St. Joseph Catholic School. May you have continued good luck in future drawings!

Heidi Imberi
SJCS Principal

Yup… 5 days in… and the calendar is +EV!

It’s amazing. I win and I’m still in for Holy Thursday.


That’s some stuff you can’t make up! 

Tragedy and comedy at a cost of $50.27

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  1. That story (27 cents) happens to me all the time. I’d be willing to tip them more, but I know they won’t return with the smaller amount. Crazy stuff.

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