And I don’t know where its going. But its fun!

Prologue : Steffy’s


Amanda Kay walked into the bar like she owned it, men followed her like puppy dogs.

“Come along Mallard,” she barked.

“My name is Allen,” the men timidly said behind her.

“Shut up you stupid man.”

“Don’t you understand, I have a brain I am not just a piece of meat,” Allen said.

“All you are is a piece of meat to me. You are nothing to me but a convenient and necessary piece of meat,” Amanda Kay barked.

“I could leave you,” Allen said.

“No you can’t. You don’t have the balls. I could replace you with one of one hundred men who will kiss my feet. I am not scared of you leaving me, go.”

“But,” he said as she dialed her phone.

“Yes, I have tired of my latest conquest. If you hurry you can pick up my tab at Steffy’s,” she stated.

A man walked up to her.

“You are nothing. And I will prove it to you,” he said as he touched her head.

All she saw was darkness.

When Amanda came to she could see nothing but candles blowing in the breeze.

“Where am I?”

‘You are evil.’ The words echoed in her head. ‘You must be destroyed’.

“Who are you?”

“My name is Preston Puryear and I am here to either ‘retrain you’ or destroy you.”

“Like hell you will,” Amanda struggled against her bonds.

“Don’t try hon,” a female voice tried to tell her.

“Who else is here?”

“My name is Tahnee and I’ve been here trying to break out for what I can figure is a year.”


“You can’t escape, he won’t let you. He sits up there in the control room and all he does is laugh.”


“You’re trapped for eternity”

And then I wake up from the nightmare. What it means I don’t know. I’ve been trying to figure it out for six years. I’m Brian Fergeson and I’ve had the same nightmare every night for six years. I swear I’m not crazy.

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