Today was a great day, now some of you would be saying if you had a date, why are you home so early?  Just sit back and enjoy  the story.

The bosses were on my case this morning, it was as if they were saying “You won Employee of the Month, now don’t rest on your laurels dumbass!”  So they were being very picky… ugh.  But I guess their point is that they don’t want anyone to think that I am doing any less now that I have won it. Whatever, I am just following my new mantra.

Simply Get It Done.

Not Getr dunnnnn.  Simply Get It Done.

You see, my new afternoon drive guy came up to me and asked me on how I wanted something done. It really didn’t matter to me, he could do it in an assortment of ways.  My response was simple, “You are the expert and I’m just going to count on you to simply get it done.

From then on its stuck.

Simply Get It Done.  I really don’t care how long it takes you or if you have to do B to get the job done, just efficiently get the job done and lets move on to the next thing that we’re tackling.

That’s my goal. Don’t over manage.  Just give the employee the task and the equipment to do it right and BINGO as long as it gets done on time I don’t care.

It’s good to have someone who is eager to just simply get it done.

So after work I played D in a game of Yuri’s Revenge and wiped the floor with him.  I’ve found out his build order and it is paying dividends.  I’m not beating him consistently, but beating him enough where the competitive juices are back again.

I got a call from Jo asking me what I was doing for dinner and I wasn’t able to go for dinner because I had to let Mugsy out and spend some time with the puppy but I did visit with her and her roommate Megan at the new Buffalo Wild Wings.  Ironic, it’s on the other side of town and I would rather be there then the one two blocks down.  Who’d thunk it.

Megan excused herself after watching the USA enter the Olympic venue in China.  I was very surprised not to see many references to Mao during the rediculous ceremonies.  It’s pomp after pomp after Hoyazo. But I digress.  The only people I feel sorry for was the London 2012 members who were sitting around thinking, “Crap, all we’ve got is the queen and Rowan Sebastian Atkinson. Um, call in Bond we have a special mission for him, make it so we don’t suck!”

So there Jo and I were together and it felt like a date, which is ironic because we spent the time that I was with Amanda being real snarky to each other.

I walked her to her car and sent her on her way early since she has to go to a concert and see her parents in Austin.  It was nice to have a good time when both of us were snarky to each other and we knew that it was just a bit.

I came home to look at the nearly finished product of the tile and I am truly amazed.  It brightens the room, makes it seem less gloomy and was the A++ right decision for me to do.

I’ve got a ton of things to do tomorrow, first I have to let the tile guy in so he can grout the whole place up “Golden Beryl” is the color of the grout, then a remote, then taking my friend Mary and her kids to see Texas Tech football practice.  Gage doesn’t have a father figure in his life and I am trying to be a positive role model to him.

Finally talked to Ryan today.  It was a short conversation but it got the job done.  He told me about his school and his bed and I felt happy.  Sometimes five minutes is more than enough to put a smile on my face.  Shelby is so excited to be back at school but she has started me down a path that I don’t want to even think about right now.

“Daddy, there’s this boy I like and I don’t think he likes me.”


I’m thinking of doing something nice for the kids, I just havent figured out what its going to be.

I think I’m going to crash.  Yeah, I know I’ve been playing less and sleeping more, but I think undisclosed, on this blog, stresses are catching up to me.

Talk to you all tomorrow

2 thoughts on “A date with someone who hates me…

  1. Well, at least Shelby didn’t say “daddy, there’s this boy I like, and I think he likes me.’ I don’t want to deal with that just yet…lol! =) Do we consider that an actual date?

  2. The family and I went to Ozzfest in Frisco. It was a once in a lifetime experience. No really…it was once in a lifetime. I had fun and it was great, but I am never doing that again. Traffic ruined the whole day.
    Ozzy was lucid and clear and Metallica would have blown the roof off, but it was a soccer stadium so, um no roof.

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