I’ve been thinking lately as things have been changing in my life to less tragic, and more amazing about the ride that I have been experiencing.

I’ve been changing my thinking and been keeping the title of this post in my mind.

Stay Strong, Live Brave.

Shelby was so proud of me that I have a girlfriend now. “If you need help talking to her dad, call me and I’ll help you. I am so excited for you.”  Ryan was simpler, “Is she nice daddy,” ‘Yes she is Ryan’ “Ok thats good, here’s sissy.”

And when I told Joanna I finally told the kids, SHE was scared. Because she doesn’t want to be anything but incredibly supportive of my relationship with my kids.  She was relieved to hear that the kids want to meet her.  And so was I.  I was strong, and because of it I took a chance and told my kids where I have NEVER EVER told them about anyone else that I have dated.

You have to be strong for there will be times that you will find yourself on the short side of things. Yesterday a miscommunications on my fault threw me off my game.  I let things cascade. My world started to imploade.

Then Joanna told me that she believed in me. She asked me if I believed in her.

I heard my voice say. I need to “Stay Strong , Live Brave” and we worked out the issue. She stood by me, supporting me as I was weak.  But when the morning came and I got to see her again today, I felt invigorated.  Because I had strength that I didn’t even knew I possessed before. 

And with Joanna, I took a chance, I took a leap of faith, of which there are some people who can not and will not believe in.

I’ve never taken a leap of faith before.

The breeze feels great.

And I’m staying strong and living brave.

And for my friends who have asked me to make a list of things that we never need to do and things we need to do.

Things that we should never do:

1. Take each other for granted.

2. Fall asleep angry.

3. Not listen to the other’s point of view.

Things that we SHOULD do:

1. Meet each others parents (whether we are terrified of doing it or not)

2. Visit Canada (I’m sure we have some friends to meet) as well as many other countries.

3. Enjoy our time together

15 thoughts on “Stay Strong, Live Brave…

  1. I ain’t cheap. Fast and easy yes, but even I have some dignity.
    Holla when you get in the neighborhood. Austin ain’t that far.

  2. Now why doesn’t that surprise me? He also says that you are fast, cheap and easy too…I think I might really learn to enjoy this! =) I will look forward to our upcoming excursion to central Texas, in the hopes that you might see fit to migrate north for an evening or two.

  3. Actually there is nothing he can prevent us from telling you. We are information whores. Buy us a drink, and the words fall right out, and never stop. We are like nymphomaniac info whores.

  4. While I am quite sure that you will be telling me VERY amusing stories, I must behave myself while he’s passed out sick in bed and I am at home trying to study. However, he wants to go to war with me about a few things…so any inside info you can give me would be fantastic…And Sean, love you, but do you REALLY think it’s a good idea for me to meet your friends? *evil smile and laugh* there’s only so much that you can try to prevent them from telling me…

  5. It is the inside jokes that keep the others on the edge of the seat, and reassures each of us that the others have not gone senile yet.
    And no, there is no way you would have gotten a gun into the Smithsonian.
    As far as Sean stories, does he hesitate to embarrass us? No tale is off limits.
    BTW Sean, I was cleaning out the garage and I found an old tape. What was on it? Just the results of two guys with the keys to the production room at a certain radio station and zero supervision on a Sunday afternoon. The results, will put us on a bobsled to hell. JC and the 12 disciples. Good times.

  6. Just because I love him, doesn’t mean that he doesn’t get in the way when I am trying to find out the good dirt…lol, but I guess where I go, he goes…and vice versa

  7. Great list kids…. It’s a start!

    And you are always welcome to the “Bedrock” portion of Canada!
    Me casa es’ su casa!
    And you know what Joanna?… You can even bring Sean!


  8. Boys, let me clue you in…I know you are nuts…As for the ‘meeting the old friends’…call me, we’ll talk…I might even have some things to tell YOU…BTW, completely psychic and psycho free…just really good at reading people…oh, wait, it’s my JOB…Looking forward to the ‘approval’ phase…Hope you boys can hang… =)

  9. Prince and I need to get together and compare notes. I never can remember which embarrasing stories we are allowed to tell, and which ones we aren’t. We are going to tell them all anyway, I just like to know which list I am working from.

    BTW Prince – quit bringing up refrences on Sean’s blog that only I (and maybe Sean) would get. It would be like be asking if Joanna would ever go into a museum and leave her gun, gun belt, badge, etc. outside. Sure you would get the 10 year old reference and a laugh, but Joanna and the rest of the other readers would think we are nuts, so just stop.

  10. You know… in my post divorce dating days, I had a psychic used on me that told the girl to stay away, I was a player. Really…I’m a player? I don’t have the money, the looks or the style to be a player. I didn’t worry too much about it though, any girl that has to consult a psychic for dating advice is a real whackjob.
    As long as Joanna is psychic free, she gets by my first round. Being a cop, pretty good too. Guns, handcuffs and a taser Not as nice a combination as handcuffs, leather and a plant, but a good time never the less.

  11. Canada? Canada? You live in the greatest place in the world. You want to visit Canada? Let me save you a long trip. Ontario? Looks like Kansas between Detroit and London. Rolling hills, lots of wheat. Quebec? Too French. Alberta? Too many wrestlers. British Columbia? Can’t run it down too much. I want to go to B.C. It looks purdy up there.
    Let me know when the new girlfriends meets the old friends phase begins.

  12. You think YOU took a leap of faith?! I had to talk myself into drinks…lol, completely worth it though!!! I would, yet again, have missed out on the best thing in my life if I had listened to the ‘drunken monkey’ inside my head! Love you!

  13. Well DUH! Everyone should visit Canada. Except VinNay, Canada hates him.

    Just remember that leaps of faith sometimes end with falls and bruises. That’s when “staying strong” gets put to the test.

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