We all say if…

…I could get that promotion.

…I could meet the right person.

…I could afford that new thing that I want so bad.

…I could win the lottery.

So after talking to OhCaptain this morning about what I would do since I couldn’t make it up to his Halloween poker game,  I’m putting my list now.


I would do these 11 things:

  1. I would continue working.  Why leave my job?  I would give more visability to my station and would have the ability to just tell the boss “Bite me!”  What’s the worst that could happen? They could fire me?
  2. I would establish scholarships for Shelby and Ryan so they could go to whatever school they would like to go to.
  3. I would pay off my families debt.  Then they would be told that they are on their own.  They get a free get out of debt payment and that way I feel like I have allowed to not only change my life but the lives of those I love.
  4. I would go and buy me a 1964 1/2 Mustang that looks just like the one my dad got stolen and stripped from him.  I would give it to my dad.
  5. I would finish restoring my 67 Mustang.
  6. I would pay off my current house and build my dream house.
  7. I would go back to school.
  8. I would make than one blogger gathering a year.
  9. I’d tell someone that is clueless, the truth about what I think about them and then tag the end of it with “and that’s why I think you’re a miserable excuse for a human,” hand thema check for $5,000 and walk away.
  10. I would give a charity very close to my heart a large donation, and then tell them to never ask me again.
  11. Take the remaining $ invest it in secure instruments and live my life like each day would be my last.

That’s what I would do If I won the lottery. 

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3 thoughts on “IF…

  1. Well let’s see…If I had way more money than I could imagine…And I really have to come up with 11?
    1. Pay off blondie to give me a ‘B’ in campaigns
    2. Pay off the Marine hussy to give me a ‘B’ in campaigns
    3. Pay off the sleazy bartender to give me a ‘B’ in campaigns
    4. Give Bryan some cash to give me a ‘B’ in campaigns and because I like the kid…
    5. Make a huge endowment to Texas Tech, so they would keep the professors that we like and shitcan the others…and give me a ‘B’ in my campaigns class (yes, we begin to see the trend here)
    6. Pay off all of my debt (which includes any debt I have caused my wonderful parents over the last 28+ years)
    7. Set up a retirement fund, so I can tell every boss that pisses me off exactly what I think of them…
    8. Buy a house that I can afford…and pay all of the bills for my lifetime…(yes, bills still have to be paid, so I can’t quit work just yet…besides, who would I get to tell off?)
    9.Travel…for as long as I liked wherever I liked…with options of bringing whomever I liked with me…and sending them home when they got on my nerves…
    10. Buy a castle in Ireland…Preferably not one in ruins…but I can work with that too…don’t ask why…it’s a present for someone we all know and love…
    11. Money can’t buy happiness, but it can buy everything else…so let’s all enjoy it and spend it all… I can’t take it with me!!!!

  2. If I won the lottery, I don’t think there are 11 items:
    1. Quit my job. It ain’t that great of a job.
    2. Payoff everything. House, cars, misc. debt.
    3. Sell house, even at a loss, take the tax write off if there is one and build my dream house in Colorado on my newly bought ranch called “Cotton Fields.”
    4. Stock said ranch with Frisian horses for my wife. Momma’s happy, I’m happy.
    5. Fund the kids college.
    6. Write a big ass check to the Robert Packard Center for ALS Research. Tell them to hurry up and find a treatment or cure. The clock could be ticking.
    7. Take a side trip to DC while I’m up there. Tell the government what I really think of them, and warn them not to visit “Cotton Fields” without an invitation. I shoot first and identify later. I know places no one will ever find the bodies.
    8. Go live in Ireland for several months.
    9. Try to write a book or 2. I have some really good ideas, but I am unable to flesh out the story. I’m a get to the point kind of guy.
    10. Invest, Invest, Invest. Followed by shelter, shelter, shelter.
    11. Party like it was 1992.

  3. Good tag . . . let me think of mine . . . I’ll post soon.

    Browns won! Good on you, mate!

    You sound cheerier these days . . . luv ya!

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