Texas Tech 39
Texas 33

In the words of Eric Nadel from the Texas Rangers… HELLO WIN COLUMN!


After the penalties the kick is going to be at the Texas Tech 7 1/2 yard line.  1 SECOND REMAINS!





or is it?

Did he step out of bounds?

INCOMPLETE PASS! 8 seconds left.  45 yard kick if they

Edward Britton for a first down to the 28 yard line.

Detron Lewis for a first down to the 38 yard line. 

Detron Lewis for a first down to the 50 yard line.

Baron Batch for 8. 

Jamar Wall with the 38 yard runback!  Jamal redemption!  Now “The Drive”.

1:29 in the game.  89 seconds, one time out and a field goal to victory.

TOUCHDOWN LONGHORNS 32-32.  BUt they left 1:29 and 1 time out on the clock.  The extra point is good and Texas 33-32.

2nd and Goal Longhorns at the Red Raider 4 yard line.  1:53 left. 

Did I mention a last minute field goal to win it?  OH SHIT… DONT SCORE TEXAS!  Jordan Shipley catches and flops.  LA Reid makes a key tackle.  2nd and 2 at the Tech 11.  Colt McCoy scrambles out of bounds for 6 yards and its first and goal Longhorns at the 5.  

First and ten at the Red Raider 19 yard line.  BUT Colt is going into the student section into the Double T scoreboard. 

3:16 left and they stop for an injury and a measurement.  First down Longhorns.

McCoy runs to the 25 for a gain of 5 3 min and counting.

First Down pass to Shipley.  Red Raiders are on their heels.  Texas driving at the RR 30.  

Fosworth Whitaker into the Tech secondary and its 1st down Longhorns at the Red Raider 40. 

Shovel pass for 5 , 3rd and 5.  The fans are jumping up and down, and Tech shows the blitz.  McCo delivers a 14 yard first down pass.  1st and ten at the 39. 

McCoy starts at the 20.  5 min 45 seconds.  The fans are turning it up.  Will the SWARM deliver?

McCoy is staring at Wall.  Pass to Shipley INCOMPLETE 2nd and 10 at the Longhorn 20.

Can the defense get ONE stop? One stop?

Raider Power chants have started in earnest. 

5:45 heart stopping minutes left.

Texas Tech 32

Texas 26

Donnie Carona will attempt the field goal from 42. AND ITS GOOD!  Texas Tech 32 Texas 26. Get a stop win the game. If Jamal Wall lets another Texas Touchdown and he won’t be able to show his face at class.

6:01 left in the game.  2nd and goal from the 25.  BULLET to Detron Lewis, a bit long and its now 3rd and GOAL from the 25.  PLEASE RED RAIDERS SCORE!

Pass interference and First and goal at the Longhorn 25. 

Pass intended for Detron Lewis, tipped away.

7:10 left, 3rd and 1. 12 yard line. Red zone.  Please Red Raiders.

FIRST DOWN by BANGING Baron Batch, and Tick, Tick, Tick.

False Start and 1st and 15 from the Longhorn 26.  Please Graham Harrell …

Edward Britton COMPLETE for 11!

1st down and Tech has 1 time out, Texas has two remaining. 

And the Flap is on the way to the field.  GOD WE NEED A WIN!

07:59 in the game and Texas Tech needs to score a TD here.  Nothing else will help. 

Edward Britton for 11 First DOWN at the Longhorn 21 yard line and Mack Brown has seen enough.  He needs a time out to settle down his defense.

09:40 in the game 3rd and 1 and a half.  BIG GAME CHANGING EXPERIENCE here.  Shannon Woods breaks a tackle behind the line of scrimmiage and gains a RED RAIDER First down.  They are using every single second that they can.

10:25 Edward Britton on the Slipscreen for 15 with another RED RAIDER FIRST DOWN at the Longhorn 43. 

Baron Batch breaks a tackle and its now 2nd and 3.

HUGE Catch by Detron Lewis for 22 yards and a Red Raider FIRST DOWN! TICK TICK TICK.

Now 11 minutes left and the Touchback has the Red Raiders faithful PRAYING for some sort of offense.

I can hear the cries of benching Jamal Wall after that 91 yard TD throw by Colt McCoy.  How many points have we left on the board?  How has the defense LET us DOWN TWICE after three quarters of excellence.

11:00 and Texas scores again as Jamar Wall is DEAD for yet another Jordan Shipley move.  Texas Tech 29- Texas 26.  This may be the most painful minute in Texas Tech history. 

3 KEY chances in the Red Zone, 2 times the Red Raiders will settle for field goals. Will over 12 points left on the board kill you?  42 yard Field Goal attempt for Matt Williams and it is BLOCKED!

A personal foul by Texas forces them to start at their own 10.  10 point lead, 11:14 left i

3rd down and 7 at the 9 for the Red Raiders.  Now a field goal does NOTHING but keeps it a two possession game.  But a TD does.  A sixteen yard sack means Tech will go for the field goal. 

13 minutes in the game.  13 minutes to glory, 13 min for Tech to cement the views of the voters of the BCS. PASS COMPLETE TO EDWARD Britton to the 12 yard line and the 56 thousand breathe a sigh of relief.

Shannon Woods carrys for 3 yards and the Red Raiders are using every OUNCE of clock. 

Tick, Tick, Tick.  Gain of 6 for Baron Batch and times keeps on ticking and ticking into the future.   3rd and 1 at the Texas 25.  HUGE 3rd down…  TIME OUT Red Raiders 2nd of the half

14:28 1st and Ten at the 32 yard line.  Pass complete to Edward Britton (BEATS SECONDARY) and First Down RR at the Longhorn 34 yard line.

10 points, 15 minutes.  3rd quarter scoring Texas Tech 7 Texas 13.  All it takes is playing keep away for 15 minutes. 

Lynwood Townhomes just gave away another year of rent.  Though line drives won’t put you on the Red Raiders sir. 

Adam James says “DAD I CAUGHT A BALL DURING A BIG GAME!” as he gets a Red Raider FIRST DOWN which will end the third quarter

With 12 seconds left in the 3rd Tech is up 29-19.  Tech is doing the Nebraska to Texas.  Lots of holding the ball and snapping at 1 or 2 left in the 25 second clock.  Tech will start first and ten at the twenty after the touchdown.

01:24 and tick, tick, tick. 3rd and 2 at the Tech 40.  McGee rolls for 3 for a first Down.  The crowd is shocked.  Texas scores on a MISSED TACKLE.  Touchdown due to Jamar Wall mistake.

Texas will go for two to stop the three possession deficit.   STOP , NO, but a pass interference causes the try to be redone. BUT WAIT A MIN…. Let’s go to the videotape.  INCOMPLETE!!!

Colt McCoy tries a pitch and it goes out of bounds loss of eight but a pass interference  on 3rd and 15 causes Texas to get a first down at the Tech 48. 

Fosswood Whitaker is now handling all of the Longhorn running duties. 

2:33 in the 3rd Tech has to punt for the third time in the third quarter.   Tech punts AGAINST the wind and Texas starts their possession at the Texas 42 yard line.

04:14 and a hands to the face penalty pushes Tech to a first and 21 at their own 11.  Still a 16 point lead, still time going out, but do you want Texas to have any and I mean ANY time left.

Reverse Draw and Darcel McBath stops the bleeding with now a 3rd and 8 at the Red Raider 42 yard line.  McCoy is still feeling Brandon Williams and Texas is going for it.

The biggest play of the game is a pooch kick.  Tech gets the ball. 

Brandon Williams says “HELLO Mr. McCoy.  Can I sack you for a loss of 8?”

5:27 left in the 3rd.

1st and ten at the Red Raider 44 with 5 and change remaining.  Tech calls a time out for a “Come to Leach” meeting.

Now Texas is going to the quick pass and flop.

07:33 29-13 and the lead is at 16.  Tick, tick,  tick.  With each tick the Red Raiders are closer to a miracle.  But they MUST HOLD!

McCoy is off with most of his passes with several of them lead way past the wide receiver.  A run for to brings it to 3rd and 8 for the Longhorns.  While Colt was feeling the pressure, he delivers a strike for a Wronghorn first down.

What does the prevent defense do?  Prevents you from winning.  Tough catch attempt no good and McCoy’s pass is incomplete.  False start by Texas puts them further closer to the student section.  A complete pass but just wait a second , and Texas is HOLDING 2nd and 22 for Tech. 

The pass by McCoy is INTERCEPTED by Daniel Charbonet for a TEXAS TECH TOUCHDOWN! Automatic Extra Point and Tech leads 29-13. 

Right now the defense has score 8 of the 29 points.  But with 7:33 left in the 3rd the fans have come alive and the defense is taking the “The Tech defense is weak” and shoving it up the media’s ass.

07:57 in the Third and the defense NEEDS to hold NOW DAMMIT!  After the punt  Texas starts at the 19 yard line. 

Heart Attack Incorporated : Can you say another 3rd down ?  3rd and 3 for the Red Raiders.  4th and 3 and Tech will GO FOR IT!  Oh Leach, don’t fail me now! They take the delay of game and PUNT.  2 BIG Stops by the Texas Longhorns.

09:38 3rd :  The Go TECH cry is being pled from the Fans.  Crabtree gets another 6 after the catch and 16 yards total for a Red Raider First down at the Red Raider 49.

10:26 in the third : The Elf for 9 yards and maybe our prayers have been answered.  Baron Batch for the FIRST DOWN!

The TV is showing Leach and Harrell plotting.  Please Mr. Leach.  PLEASE ATTACK THEM!

The attendance is 56,333 a new Jones AT&T Record.  But how many are now begging Mike Leach to not try and sit on the lead.  Time to score boys.

10:27 with the return of the punt everyone is holding their breath and Texas returns the punt for a Texas touchdown.  22-12 Tech and with the extra point its Tech 22-13 with 10:26 in the 3rd.

12:38 in the third and Tech defense is holding.  But when will Texas Tech take advantage of the weak deep Texas secondary?

Shannon Woods to the 3 and we have room to move.  Shannon Woods up to the 8 and its 3rd and 3. Three runs and the Texas coaches box celebrates a three and out for the first time in the game. 

Colby Whitlock is EVERYWHERE as he stops the Texas Slip screen and Texas has its first third down of the half.  Colt finds the ground yet again and #6 Justin Tucker kicks it to the Red Raider 1 with a 61 yard punt.

Tech now has to stop against Texas blitz now more than ever.

It only takes 43 seconds for Texas to get their first first down of the second half.  Which is then is followed by a vicious sack.

Brett Dewhearst with the “OOOOOOOHHH” moment as he plants the kick returner.  Texas starts on their own 24 yard line.

Stat of the half.  Conversion of Red Zone Chances.  2 field goals and 2 Td’s for Tech in 4 Red Zone Attempts.  Texas converts 2-2 with two field goals.  Could this game be 30-14 now?  Well, it isn’t 22-6 and we will see what happens in the second half.  Tech will kick off and will get the wind in the 4th quarter.

Halftime and I have to go to the pisser.  Nothing funnier than walking in as Herbstreit is taking a piss.

1st Quarter Tech 12 Texas 0  2nd Quarter Tech 10 Texas 6. 

:16 BIG Play for the defense.  The fans are screaming for a stop. No first down and Texas will use their LAST time out. 4th and 1 at the Tech 8.  Will Mack go? He will go for the 25 yard field goal with 6 seconds left in the half.  It is GOOD and Texas Tech leads at the half 22-6.

:35 3rd and 25.  Yet ANOTHER Test for the Tech defense and Malcolm Williams catches a huge pass to the Tech 17.  McCoy is sacked and its 2nd and 13 at the Tech 20. It forces Texas to use their second time out.

Incomplete pass and its 3rd and 13 at the Tech 20. 

:46 2nd and 10  Pass caught for 15 yards but is negated by a 15 yard Personal Foul hands to the face .  It forces Texas back to their own 39.

Almost yet ANOTER interception by Brian Duncan.  3rd and 25 which forces Texas to take a time out.

Pass for a loss of 4 and Texas is still trying to work.  A busted blitz lets Colt off to the races.  27 yard run.  Time for a “Come to McNeil” as Tech will spend their last time out of the first half.  Texas 1st and 10 at the Tech 46.  I saw the Texas FG kicker make it from 54 in practice. 

1:37 left in first half and Tech has 326 yards to Texas 21 yards.  The kickoff is in the end zone and is taken for a touchback.  Can we breathe yet?

4th and 4 at the Texas 14.    Tech takes a time out after trying to draw the Longhorns offsides.  1:42 left in the half and out walks Matt “Automatic Lynwood” Williams to try the field goal from 31 and ITS AUTOMATIC!  Tech 22 Texas 3 with 1:37 left in the first half.

02:47 in the first half Texas brings the rush and yet the Great Wall of Lubbock picks it up.  3rd and 4 after the Crabtree catch. 

Tech keeps the ball moving with yet another first down. Staying in the semi no-huddle offense. 

Defend the pass and get Shannon Woods for 16 yards. Shannon Woods for yet another 11 yard game and another Red Raider first down at the Texas 20.

5:27 left in the second quarter and Texas Tech forced Texas into a field goal.  Texas can say that they scored, but what does it say about the MUCH maligned Red Raider defense when Texas doesn’t even have but TWO first downs, 21 yards gained with 8 min of possesion.  Texas kicks the ball out of bounds and Tech will have the ball at the Tech 40. 

8:05 Longhorns 1st Down at the Red Raider 16 yard line.  Long run across the field and Charbonet forces a loss of 3.  2nd and 13 at the RR 19.  McCoy is SACKED by Brandon Williams and its 3rd and 16 at the RR 22 yard line.  Now if the Red Raiders can hold they can force a field goal for Texas.

Marlon Williams SACKS McCoy for 8 yards and Texas is forced to try a 43 yard field goal and its good.  19-3 Texas Tech.

08:53 left in the first half and Tech has it for their 5th offensive drive.

Crabtree fumbles and Texas recovers at the Red Raider 29 yard line.  What happens now will determine this game.


Texas needs a big play to spice them up and they get one with a punt return to their 40.  First time they have had this good of field position to start.

After a stop on an incomplete pass with 9:22 left in the first half the first penalty has hit the Red Raiders with an offsides.  Colt runs for his life for 2 and it’s 3rd and 3 for the Longhorns.

Daniel Charbonet wanted to intercept the Colt McCoy pass and he almost did.  The Texas offense is anemic.

Texas punts to the Texas Tech 14.  Its a but unusual with the punter running to the right and line driving the ball down the field.

09:45 18 yard touchdown pass to the Elf and Tech is up 18-0 and Matt “Automatic Lynwood” Williams is good and Tech is up 19-0 with 9:39 left in the first half. 

10:14 in the second quarter   3rd and 14 and Graham Harrell throws a needle to Lyle Leong for 14 yards and a first down to the Longhorn 18. 

Baron Batch is a utter and complete STUD.  He runs THROUGH the Longhorns for 16 yards, 7 after the first contact.  Swindell with a 23 yd catch and Tech is in Texas territory at the 28th.

Shannon Woods is causing the Longhorns fits and runs for yet another first down.  Tech 1st and 10 at their own 33.

12:55 in the second and the intensity is incredible at the Jones.  Tech is now moving the ball WITH the wind.  How will this affect Grahams passes? Does Tech care?

Colt McCoy still can’t find anything and scrambles for 2.  3rd and 2 for the Wronghorns.  Colt scrambles and Tech stops him for NO GAIN.  Texas must punt.

This is amazing.  But again remember we were up 21-0 in the game a couple of years ago. 

Texas punts and the Red Raiders start their drive at their own 17 yard line.

15:00 left in the second quarter. 15 Min down and Tech is up 12-0.  Perfect quarter.  No mistakes and you haven’t let McCoy hurt you.  Now its a game of three quarters.  Continue to score more than they do and you should win. No Penalties in the first quarter for the Red Raiders and Texas has a block in the back on the return and Texas starts their first drive of the second quarter on their own 8.

As the gun fires to end the first quarter, Baron Batch is IN for a RED RAIDER TOUCHDOWN.  Matt Williams ia automatic and it is 12-0 Tech as we start the second quarter.

Rather than taking a 5 yard penalty for a delay of game, Tech calls time out and its 1st and ten again.

The Elf, Eric Morris delivers again and with a Personal Foul face mask Tech has it at the 3.

It’s been Texas Tech’s quarter as Baron Batch runs for 7 and brings it for a 1st down at the Texas 16.  No field goal guys. We need 7!

03:04 and Texas keeps bringing pressure. They are trying to do to us what they did to Missouri.   But after Missouri’s performance against Baylor… was Missouri that good to begin with.  Third and 2 for the raiders and the normal Batch draw is a FAKE.  Graham takes it himself for 8 and Tech is at the Texas 32.

A bad snap and a quick throw.  Lucky it wasn’t a safety.  Um DRAW anybody?

Batch up for 2 yards and another 3rd an long for the Red Raiders.

HUGE THROW FROM HARRELL to Edward Britton for 46 yard gain… Make the Wronghorn secondary make the mistakes for you.


4:20 in the first and lets see what tricks Leach has up his sleeve?

4:39 in the first and if Texas Tech wins this game it will be due to their superior intensity.  The ball is not bouncing their way.  After a delay of game Colt McCoy’s pass is a little short for Shipley.  60 yard punt. UT OH!

What have I said about NOT FIELDING THE BALL when you are behind the 10 yard line?

Tech must start their 3rd drive of the first quarter with the ball starting at the 4 yard line.  But how many 80+ yard drives have the Red Raiders come up with. 

The defense is playing with intensity.  No good looks downfield for McCoy and he is having to go to his third and fourth option.   Even when he goes to his first option there is no relief.  The defense is , like their name, swarming. 

First third down for Texas and we have 5:41 left in the first quarter.  NO GOOD! 4th down and Texas will go for it.  Gambling early.  Depends on the spot.  Good enough for a first down.  A Texas Spot.

06:47 and will the defense hold?  The offense drives twice and yet can’t put it in the end zone.  We can’t trade possesions with them and ONLY get field goals.

06:57 and can we say 3rd and 10 again? No good for Crabtree this time and Matt “Lynwood” Williams is in for the field goal attempt.  The Rudy story continues and Texas Tech is up now 5-0 with Matt nailing the three run homer.

Texas defense has been on the field for a majority of the first quarter.

Another early key third down for Texas Tech from the Texas 30.

It’s the Michael Crabtree show and Tech has an 18 yard gain and another first down.

It’s not that Graham is the fastest scrambler but he connects to Lewis and the Red Raiders are in Texas territory.

Harrell scrambles again and connects to Crabtree.  Different Tech.  When in trouble he throws it away. 

All you need to do is keep the intensity Tech.  Shannon Woods goesd heads up against Blake Gideon and Harrell is looking at the secondary.  I can feel a big play coming.

10:38 in the first and Tech is up 2-0.  Texas punts the free kick and Tech will start up again at the Tech 36.


10:43 left in the 1st and Texas wins the first battle.  The Rock 101 logo and liner is played on the Raider Vision.  Score!

No defensive switches for the Wronghorns.  Texas is bringing the blitzes but Tech keeps going.  Harrell is finally sacked for the 1st time this game.  Tech is forced to punt but puts it downs it at the Texas 2 yard line.

The first drive almost comes to Tragedy as Texas smells out a screen, but then Texas gives too much time to Harrell and Crabtree is good for 6 and the first down. 

Jermaine Swindell makes Texas zone coverage pay with a 29 yard gain and Tech is rolling. 

14:55 in the 1st Wall returns the ball from five yards back and only gets it to the 19.

Shannon Woods get 5 on the first of many draw plays by the Red Raiders.


Justin Tucker will kick for the WrongHorns, Wall and Moore are back to return the kick.

02:30 and Tails DOES fail.  Tech wins the toss and will receive.  It’s time to see what this team is made of.  Is their hearts full of stone, not fearing failure or will their nemesis once again steal joy from Texas Tech again. 

03:50 to gametime and Tech hits the field.  Flashbulbs go off as if it is a concert.

08:12 to gametime.  The Matador song plays.  I feel a chill come over me.  It is one of the most powerful feelings I have had in a long time.  Maybe this is our year?

10:00 to gametime.  The Texas band plays. Yawn.

12:00 Go Fight Win is deafening.  Through a closed press box it is amazing.

National Anthem AMAZING…

The band is ready to rock and flashbulbs are going off like crazy.  WOW…

My stomach is rumbling.  I’m feeling nervous.  Can we win this game?

20 min from kickoff: My first, “Up the hill, down the Hall, BAM that’s Tech Football” reference.

27 min from kickoff: Pete Christy stops by and the discusssion is about the amazing amount of spirit. 

42 min from kickoff : Russell Hall stops by and we discuss the keys to victory.

  1. The first drives for both teams.

  2. Who ends with momentum into the first half.

  3. Does Tech play like a big time team or like the whipping boy.

60 min before kickoff… : Carona hits consistenty in practice from 45 plus, but this is practice.  Matt Williams is hitting consistently from 40 and in.  But will either kicker be forced to have to kick a game winning kick?


Yes folks, this week has been full of excitement and busy work for yours truly.

But this is the “Game of Tech’s Century”. 

And I will be covering it here and then returning next week to active blog status.


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  1. I thought I had commented already but I guess not…

    Good win sir, although TTU fans need to learn not to rush the field with 1 sec left 🙂

    Rough schedule comin up, good luck!

  2. Yes, I agree, Texas Longhorns left too much time for Texas Tech to work with. And the defence could not stop Texas Tech. Has anyone asked the head coach about this tactic

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