Joanna and I are about ready to head to Dennis Simmons and his wife’s Kristy’s house for Thanksgiving.  There will be Air Hockey, Spades, good food and maybe we’ll stay and watch the Texas A&M / UT (Just a small 39-33 Reminder April).

Today I have to tell you that I am so thankful for my family. I don’t get to see them as much as I would like to because of work and a small amount of distance but I talked to everyone (cept Kelly  cause she hasn’t talked to me since Tech beat A&M) and I realized how lucky a man I am.

In tough economic client : I have a job.

In times where people are losing their homes : I have mine almost finished remodeling it.

In times of hunger around the world: I have plenty to eat.

In times where people can’t afford transportation : I have a car

There are people without those who care : I am loved.

I consider myself a lucky man…

Thank You.

“Look Sir, I don’t want the Ficus”

Tuesday night I went to United Supermarkets to renew my car registration.  It’s easier for me to get to because I rarely have time during the week to get to the DMV to get it done.  United is the place to skip the long lines with weird people and just get registration renewals done EASY!

So, there wasn’t a line and I was SOOO Excited.  In an out EASY RIGHT?


First the “MANAGER” couldn’t remember his access code to the DMV, so he had to ask one of his bosses to login.


Finally he starts to process the renewal and my luck there is a line of people behind me, and I’M holding up the line because the renewal is taking a bit.

So I have the check, pre-made out for the exact amount of the renewal with a $5 bill in my hand to pay the service charge of a dollar.

“That will be $91.40 sir,” the Manager said to me.

“Um my registration is only supposed to be $70.80 sir,” I said wondering what charges he had put on there.

“Don’t you want the ficus sir?”

“What Ficus?” I started to look around seeing if there was a ficus plant somewhere near me. “I don’t want a ficus. I’m not paying for a ficus,” I said as I started to get annoyed.

A woman in line behind me said, “Well , you shouldn’t get the ficus if you don’t pay for it.”

“Look Mamm, I don’t want the ficus, I am bad with plants I have killed Ficus, or Fici in the past. I don’t want a Ficus,” I said getting even more annoyed.

“So you don’t want the Ficus sir, ” the Manager said to me.

“I’m not paying for a ficus that I don’t want sir.”

“Then don’t buy the ficus,” the lady behind me crows.

“Please, let me handle this mamm,” I said as I turned to the manager. “One Renewal, no Ficus.”

15 MINUTES later , I leave with registration renewal and the desire to eliminate FICI from the United Database.

One thought on “Why I am thankful and why I didn’t want the Ficus.

  1. Tell me they did not try to sell you a ficus with your registration?

    I’m laughing . . . that is straight out of a sitcom.

    Call me again and give me your new number.

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