the doc still wants to remove the growths.

Ok, I’m going to say it only once.  I have lipomas in me.  Its how I carry my fat.  Ten years ago I had one removed and it was found to be benign. Before Christmas I had a massage because of the stress of the holidays and work.  I had an unsually large amount of stress in my back.  When the therapist was relieving the stress in my back she noticed a twinkee sized lipoma on my left size near my ribs subcutaneously.

“You should have that checked out,” she told me.

So I did, first thing when I returned from vacation was go to the doctor, and he examined me.

“Didn’t we have one of  these removed?” the doc asked me as he checked my records.

“Yes, ten years ago,” I said not really worried cause he said then not to worry about them.

“Well, I used to not be worried about these lipomas, but last year I saw a woman who had lipomas just like you.  We had them removed because they were causing her pain and one of them was cancerous.  I learned from her to take these seriously because she died after a 6 month painful battle. I want to send you have a surgical consultation,” that was said to me as he prescribed the usualy antibiotics for my sinus infection.

I haven’t been sleeping well since that pronouncement.

Yesterday I went to go see the surgeon.  And he was amazed by the number of these lipomas I have.  BUT he wasn’t concerned about the stomach or the back.  He was more concerned about a mass of these lipomas on my upper right arm.  He addressed a umbilical hernia that I had and said that all could be fixed in an outpatient treatment.

“We should schedule it this week,” he said.

There was no option, no delay.

But after examining me he wanted me to have my gall bladder checked.  So this morning I went had blood work done, as well as an ekg.  Nothing funnier to a radiologist tech than asking “Mamm, is my baby going to make it?” while she is looking at the screen.

She tried not to laugh but failed.

After research and the great consultation by Doc Chako, I have nothing to worry about. They are nothing, I have nothing to worry about and I will be back at work on Monday.

Mom and Dad are coming up to make sure I am ok after the surgery and also to probably throw stuff away in my house.

If Doc Chako isn’t worried, then I’m not worried.

I just didn’t want to tell everything until I knew more than what I did the last couple of days.  And Marshall, I’m still expecting my money.

5 thoughts on “No obvious gall stones but …

  1. Keep me updated, but I am never one to tell you I told you so…wait, yes I am, I am very much the type of person to say that.
    So, file it away, when everything is all clear, I will tell you I told you so.

  2. i am worried, what if after they remove these growths you start playing good poker. shit we will have bloggers every having growths removed. waffles will have to have the enourmous chip removed off his shoulder, and several others will have to have the sticks removed that have wedged up there arses. lol

    hey you know my prayers are with you man, you need anything i am only 7 hours away

  3. I know I’m not worried, knowing that you’re not worried ’cause The Doc’s not worried. He may be my little brudder, (and a Fairy!) but he’s a smart’un. Sporadically, he even does this kinda’ stuff for a living!


    Glad we had a chance to talk this out today. Now that I know you have the right attitude, I feel much better. And doesn’t that make you feel so much better too?

    No worries……… that’s what I’m here for.

    Take care my friend.

  4. I’ll be even less worried when the path report comes back.

    I got your message, but I’ve been busy at work. FWIW – I’ve been looking at gallbladder ultrasounds all day.

    Call me later.


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