Today I’ve been reminded as I looked across a tree filled with presents and food that I am lucky.

For I ate today, there was someone who went without,

For I was warm today, there was someone who was trying to stay warm,

For I was clothed today, there was someone who was wearing a handy me down, from a handy me down,

For I laughed with my family, there were people who lost loved ones today or never said what was in their heart before they left.

For I am a lucky man to have been blessed with friends, with family, with the love of my life, my two children, I am truly a blessed man.

But it is not the present that makes me happy, or the food or the clothes…

It’s being with people who love and who love.

Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night.

P.S. Happy Haunakah to the Wife and Doc Chako as well as any other celebrants of the 8 CRAZY NIGHTS.



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