Today, I did something for me.  Now some people will be concerned, some will be mad.  Personally, I really don’t care.  Because I booked today a trip out of the United States of America.  No, it wasn’t to Canada, I was tempted to see my friends north of the border, but instead I think I may go over the pond to see ancestors.

Dates and further notices to be announced at a date when I give a damn, but right now I want to tell you  story:

The princess slept as this prince slept near her, guarding her, for no one would hurt his sister on his watch.  The princess dreamt of presents and of finding the one man of her dreams, the prince dreamt of mighty battles and vanquishing evil.

And the King watched over his two charges and looked with a smile and a tear.  His charges were not small anymore, they tried to solve their problems without involving the king, but sometimes their arguments brought down the house. 

The Princess was the oldest and wanted all of the things done first because, she was the oldest and that’s how it was supposed to be, and of course she was a tween.

The Prince was the youngest and wanted all the things for him done first, because unlike the princess, he never knew his father, just coming over twice a year didn’t build a relationship with him.

The King tried his best to make their time with him in his kingdom a happy time, some times he ruled for the princess, and some times he ruled for the prince.

But he saw his time on this earth coming to an end, not today, tomorrow but years down the line.  He wanted to make sure that he taught his charges the right from wrong and helping others.

Times the old king dreamed would come faster, seem to come at a price.  Each time he saw his princess and prince, he was older, wiser and greyer.  His prince was handsome, and his princess a wonder and all he thought was the times he wasn’t there, running his kingdom, trying to help out the prince and princess.  Each time they came it felt like it would be the last.

But then one day as he lay in the infirmary, he knew that he wouldn’t be there forever and tried to tell them often how he felt.

But then sometimes young princes and princesses hear the words and yet don’t understand the true meaning.

I love you my prince and princess.  May your dreams be filled with treasure, learning gallore, may you find the one who loves you without pause and may you find everlasting happiness with your charges.


Your King.

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