Other than the infection…

Other than the call from the doctor that said “If you get a fever, call us and head to the emergency room.”

In a Hydrocodone based dream, I started writing a new book.

Sands of Life

It was the first day of hot sticky summer in a year that no one remembers, but for me it was the day that my life changed forever.  I thought my life was over because Maria left me. She called me after the graduation party that we all went to, we all had fun at , but we didn’t have a chance to talk. She was off to Ocean Community College, but I was indecisive about what I needed, what I wanted.  I just wanted her to be mine forever. Maria had the darkest of green eyes that saw into the heart of my soul.  Her body was a temple and she treated it as one walking, exercising, and maintaining the fine oiled machine.  Five foot seven and the fire that had grabbed me the first day we had met.

Where it goes from here … a story of a man and his discovery of who he is from an unlikely source.

One thought on “I’m feeling much better now…

  1. Would this unlikely source be…oh I don’t know…maybe…Satan! In the form of Vicodin?
    Glad you are feeling better.

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