One of my childhood heroes was Mark Holtz.  When I moved down to Texas, one of the many times I did, I was amazed by listening to the both the Mavericks and the Rangers with legend.  He opened every Ranger baseball broadcast with “It’s Baseball time in TEXAS!”

I’d used to be taken on a path of amazement as he made the stRangers teams in the 80’s interesting to watch.

But recently I’ve noticed the total indifference about an award that I thought Mark should win. The Ford Frick award in broadcasting.  Now some writers have made efforts in the past, Ex 1. , Ex 2. to have a Texas Ranger broadcasting legend be put into the Baseball Hall of Fame.

Now before you nay sayers begin, they have members of the Montreal Expos Broadcasters in the HoF!

Why not Mark?

Hello Win Column is still placed on the scoreboard at the end of every Texas Ranger victory.

Why Not Mark?

Please Texas Rangers, do something right, support Mark Holtz in 2009.


Texas Ranger Fan in Denial.


I saw the doc and he painfully removed the 54 staples and replaced them with steri-strips. So we are closer to full recovery.

and finally…

All 18 tumors were found to be …BENIGN!


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  1. It was pretty much the only diagnosis, but it’s always good to hear the news.

    Good luck with the rest of the recovery. Stay off the golf course for a while.


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