I’m not putting the rules up here because I’m not going to torture anyone else.

  1. I’ve started writing 4 books, two of which are over 100K words. The other two are under 20K and are “Marinating”

  2. I have a high pain threshold but low tolerance to drugs. Yup, half a pill and I’m loopy.

  3. I won’t go to the hospital unless I am forced. Case in point Kerri and a friend dragging me when I had an 105 degree fever and when Joanna kept me from bleeding to death.

  4. Last two times I was at the hospital, I had to have 18 tumors removed, 54 staples and the time before that I had an inch long 1/4″ gash that had to have stitches.

  5. I love procrastinating and yet love deadlines. Ironic huh?

  6. I have my dream job in Radio, but at one time I was a licensed UNARMED private investigator.

  7. Last 6 CD’s I’ve listened to Bee Gees – #1’s, Sultans of Swing; The Very best of Dire Straits, Russ Hewitt – Bajo El Sol, Led Zeppelin- Led Zeppelin, Steven Wright- I have a pony and Red Dirt Blues – Jeff Strahan

  8. I love ducks. First dream I ever had involved a duck on my head, a couple years later I was the Ugly Duckling in a school play (at this time I didn’t like ducks at all), I won both my first live and online poker tournament with pocket 2’s (Ducks) and my kids are my little ducks.

  9. I had feathered hair in high school, now I have a one blade to hide the grey.

  10. The sound I will never get out of my head will be the sound of my one month old daughter Shelby screaming in the hospital as she was given a spinal tap.

  11. I love IcolonialI Facial and shaving balm, but noone in Lubbock carries it.

  12. The last thing I do before I go to sleep every night is say a prayer for my kids Shelby and Ryan that they learn, love and live every day and that I might be on this earth one more day to guide them.

  13. I have a ’67 Ford Mustang sitting in my garage. It is in pieces and one day I will get the time and money to finish renovating it.

  14. I’ve introduced on stage Charlie Daniels, Marshall Tucker, Styx, Reo Speedwagon, Bryan White, Foghat, and too many more to remember. But the artist that made me smile was Mila Mason. Maybe another Ovary Act Mila.

  15. While my family played soccer, I coached soccer and was a referee and linesman.

  16. I’ve lost my sister, Tara and brother, Patrick and there isn’t a day I don’t think about them.

  17. I’ve lived in New York, Cleveland, Ohio and Texas… but I’ve never visited the Statue of Liberty, the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame or Padre Island.

  18. With the exception of trips to St. Croix and Hawaii, I’ve never left the contiguous 48 and have never had a passport until this year.

  19. I’ve only truly loved three women in my life.

  20. I hate my picture being taken but love taking pictures of others, before my latest hospital snafu, I was saving up for a Canon Xsi.

  21. I’m competitive and I’ve examined the grey between black and white.

  22. I’ve never been arrested but have 6 speeding tickets. (Yes, I’m a goody two-shoes)

  23. I once had a 27 year old virgin attempt phone sex with me on my answering machine. Whenever I am down, I play it, knowing I can never be as bad as her.

  24. I love the colors Red, Black and Blue

  25. I have a sarcastic sense of humor and I will do whatever it takes to go to the line between comfortable and uncomfortable just to see how people react.

  26. I hate change. (I know it’s supposed to be 25, but just in case someone wanted a BONUS reason)

If you haven’t been tagged, BOOOOOOOOOM Now you are.

Yes, I’m good with a portion of evil.

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    1. Some wise guy that showed me how to make my own page. He used to be the coolest dude that I worked for. Now I hear he likes to piss off the pentecostal church :-)!

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