I know times are tough, but as long as you have familty that loves you and good friends, nothing else matters.

Be tough and remember that the only thing that hold you back is you yourself.

I learned that yesterday.  I’ve alwyas thought of myself as a small cog, something that can be replaced with any other cog and the motor will work the same.

But yesterday, I was told how important I was in my field and it felt good.  There is very very few people in the multiple groups of my field that does what I do. I’m the ultimate specialist. And its good to know I’ll be able to find work because of my abilities whenever in the future my time here is over.

But to my friends who I know are sturggling in this economy, have hope.  I’m saying multiple prayers for you and negotiating with the Big Guy. Maybe your perfect gig is just around the corner.  Have faith!