Spilling Poetry was actually born from the ashes of Bone Flower Elegy, another popular local band around the Lubbock music scene. When the bass player for Bone Flower Elegy quit in early 1994, the remaining members — Brian Enderson (vocals, guitar), Lynn Holdridge (drums), and Jamie Sanders (guitar) — joined up with Ryan Muff (bass) and changed their name to Spilling Poetry. The new band quickly set about playing around town and soon recorded their debut album, Invisible, which came out later in the spring of 1994. While Invisible went on to sell out the initial 1,000 copies the band had made, they continued to play regionally and build themselves a strong following over the next two years. By the mid-’90s, Spilling Poetry had become known as the band to see in West Texas and were widely heralded as the ones most likely to break into the big time…Luckily, though the band may have called it quits and their first two releases — Invisible and Microphonic  — have gone out of print, all Spilling Poetry’s previous music is still available on their website in one form or another, and the band has continued to release new songs off their unfinished last album from time to time – Matthias Sheaks, All Music Guide

I actually have a couple copies of Invisible… and I never got a copy of Microphonic.

But I was part of the band.  I was the manager.  I managed them for a year and a half and each moment was a joy.  We split apart, them heading to the future and me heading to the radio career that I still have today.  While the band broke up in 2001 and underwent many changes, I know the four original members.

Brian was the brooding artist.  Lynn was the quiet storm, Ryan was the thinker and Jamie, oh Jamie was my friend.

When the band changed and Jamie and I were out, we formed a talent agency that went nowhere due to the disintegration of the Lubbock music scene. The clubs started to close and the talent all went to Dallas and Austin following their dream.

Jamie and I spent many an evening after the band finished practicing just talking about my frustrations, his get rich quick schemes and relationships , his with Amy and mine with Angie.  There was something nice, sitting in the office of the warehouse as he smoked and we chatted, sometimes until 3 in the morning. It was peaceful, sometimes sitting there watching the cars pass and wonder if we were going to get mugged.  I miss those moments we had together.

I had let him leave to do what he thought was best, moving to Dallas so he could be closer to his ex and his daughter.  I didn’t push when he came in town to meet, but it was on both of our minds.  We needed that chance to blow off steam.  I knew he had flaked out on having lunch when he came in town a couple of times, but hell I had to cancel a couple meetings too.

We knew that we would eventually catch up with each other and reminisce about J. Gilligans in Arlington or the time we were offered crack at the bar in Amarillo.  We had a million stories and we loved telling ’em again and again.

I even talked about it in a post April 1st 2007:

Jamie Sanders – Ex guitar player for Spilling Poetry, the band I managed when I first moved to Lubbock. Had heard he had gotten divorced and was looking forward to catching up with him, but he disappearred.

And in 2008:

Craig Wharton,
Spilling Poetry,
Jamie Sanders,
Friends I can talk to for hours to on the phone,
Randy Bush,
Mitchell Ivey,and all the moments that I wish I had cherished instead of throwing them away

I’m still thinking of the band gathering before each concert, interlocking their hands and praying coming out with my favorites.

Red ,  Fry and  The All Down Hill

Angie’s Favorite: Stealing Flowers

And in June of 08  I talked with him.  He wasn’t much into talking, just wanted to let me know that he was ok and that we would get together.

But I won’t have that opportunity to catch up anymore. You see Jamie had his own demons and he fought them until Tuesday evening when he passed. I can’t tell you how or why, cause I don’t know the facts just third person knowledge.

He was like my younger brother… and he is now gone.

I found out Thursday afternoon and my heart sank.

I did my show in a trance today and dreaded each tick of the clock as it got closer to the viewing.

I went in, saw Brian, Tiffany, Amy and then I walked a path that I dreaded.

And I saw the coffin. I saw him as he last walked the earth.

But as I walked away, I remembered the Jamie I knew.  I remembered the moments we had and I cried.

Vaya Con Dios Mi Amigo.  We will have that lunch someday. I’ll pick up the check.

4 thoughts on “Spilling Tears

  1. I liked all of the guys, and the opportunity I had to write about them, and then to see that story in print was an honor and a pleasure.
    Jamie was the catalyst. Had I stayed around Lubbock, I would have been sitting up until 3am drinking with you guys as well. I missed him the most, scarecrow.
    I still have my copy of “Invisible.” I had to order it off the website. My other copy disappeared. That was what the friendship and music meant to me. It was on my must have list. Imagine to my surprise, when I saw the website, on the first page was a quote from my article. Strangely enough, it was my favorite line from the whole story.
    Spilling Poetry’s music lost its spark for me when Jamie left. The energy that drew me to it was gone. I was never able to embrace other albums.
    But Invisible…will always find its way to my play list.
    If any of you out there have the album, fire and play “All Down Hill.” Think of Jamie, and have pleasant memories. Until we met again.

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