John was a hearty boy.  He filled out his bib overalls and had a little top over the sides.  He loved to eat.  Every morning , before the sun would rise, John would start with a stack of flapjacks, three eggs, a pound of bacon, a plate of hash browns and a bowl of grits.

Which would satisfy him till noon.

As he normally got finished with his chores he headed into town for his second breakfast at the Cracked Egg Diner.

As he walked in the door the cry went out.

“Maurice, kill a whole pig, lathering em up with sauce and kill 6 baby chickens while you’re at it.”

“Hello Doreen,” he would reply to the woman of his dreams as he sat at the counter.

She would look back at him with her red hair, bloodshot eyes and a body that ten years ago won her beauty pagents.  Now, she was divorced, squirting out two kids that she worked two jobs to support.

“Hello, John anything but the usual?”

“No Mamm not at all,” he said as she brought forth two glasses of whole milk.  He downed one while glaring down her dress.  The “uniform” was not really uniform and no matter how many times she washed that red and white tablecloth looking dress, she could never get the stains out.

“So how’s the crop looking this year” she said while making small talk?

“Well daddy says as long as we gets the rain we need without the hail we’ll be smiling at the end of the year.  But as long as that damned run for the hills Ron don’t be calling up no ‘naders.”

‘Amen to that,’  a couple of men around the bar echoed. ‘We don’t need no hail or ‘naders.

As Doreen went back into the kitchen to pick up some orders a couple of the old men sipping coffee at the front of the diner looked around and then motioned to John.

“When are you going to ask her out John?”

John blushed crimson and put his head down where his third chin hit his chest. He said nothing.

Doreen walked through the doors from the kitchen bringing the pound of bacon and six eggs with gravy on top.

“You eat up hearty son,” she said as she slid another glass of milk in front of him.

“Yes M’amm I will,” John said as he started shovelling down the food.

“And you two busybodies, get back to drinking your coffee.  Mind your own beeswax,” Doreen said as she started cleaning the counter that was clean only minutes ago.

As she started to wipe the counter down in a circular path John’s eye glanced at hers for a moment.  A small smile crept out of the right side of her mouth.

He looked at her as her lean over the counter was more deliberate, more sensual.  He was given a glimpse of what the Lord had given her

And John started to turn red and he collapsed to the floor.

Doreen screamed and Blake came out of the back starting CPR.  Doreen kept screaming as the ambulance came up and followed with John in the vehicle.

What happens next, you’ll never believe…

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  1. I thought Joe and Frank were the Hardy boys. I don’t remember another brother John.

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