Because that’s what a good fiance does.

I could give a rats ass about the whole wedding stuff , because I just want the end result.

Me + Joanna = Forever. How we get there doesn’t matter. 

Over this last weekend I heard about our getaway car, being specially rebuilt for this one special day and transported down by our favorite car builder Jeff Kruger. It’s a 1967 Ford Mustang Convertable.

When Joanna saw it, she was in love.  They finally got the transmission working so it would go forward.  For the longest time, it would only go in reverse. I blame not enough crown and too much sweat.

I can’t wait to see the final result.

Joanna and I have sent out the final set of invitations.  Funny story, I sent out an invitation thinking that we had missed it, and got a call from a friend asking why they got two invitations. Yes, Joanna had sent one in the first batch, and the excuse of the wedding came in.

“You got two because we really, really want you there!”

Some of my friends and her friends aren’t going to be able to make it and we both understood. We both knew that because of the timing, people would have plans, and we would be blesses by whoever made it.

In other great news, we’re off to Oklahoma next weekend.  Joanna and I are going to drive up to see Gary Cox, his wife Carrie and the meanest son of a bitch in the state of Oklahoma. ( I know it isn’t true, but I have to help his self esteem.

All we have to do is worry about gas, the Low Limit Grinder is putting us  in the FABulous Okie Vegas Party Facilities in beautiful Fort Cobb lake, then we will be escorted by the MSOBITSOO to Stillwater where he has tickets for us to see his Oklahoma State Cowgirls take on MY Texas Tech Red Raiders.

It should be fun.

And a side note to Gary after yesterday’s bull with the kids…

It’s still business brother.

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  1. Tech going down like Linda Lovelace in deep throat. Tim for the raiders to walk the plank. Go pokes, pistols firing! Cant wait to see yall

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