Optimists says the glass is half full.
Pessimists says that it is half empty.
Scientists notes that 8 oz are left in an 16oz glass.
Realists note that if they are thirsty, there is water to drink.
Economists want to determine the costs associated with the water.

Politicians want to blame the opposition party for why the glass isn’t full.
The IRS wants to tax the water,
while economic development wants to bring more glasses to the city.
The mayor wants to talk about inter-city water.
China wants to build a dam on the glass.
Farmers complain that they aren’t getting their fair share of the water.
New Yorkers complain about the flouride in the water, while Californian’s wont drink tap water.
Capitalists will try and sell the water.

As for me?
If I’m thirsty I’ll drink it.