Ah, Lemonade Day. A great effort by people around the country to teach our children the joys of owning their own business.  Teaching them to save some, share some and spend some.  I can already tell on my way to work today what kind of future we have.

Stand #1 – Nice sign “Lemonade Stand – $1” with a kid in a TIE in front of his house. Mom was watching from the porch. Spent $1 with him. Was polite and asked me if I had drank 3 glasses of lemonade yet. Told him no, he was the first. “Well, there are plenty of great stands out there or you can come back and drink 2 more glasses. I won’t mind.”  Proud of this kid. No hard sell. Probably will throw him a fiver on my way home. I see this kid as a business owner in the future. Also getting beat up a lot (lose the tie, you’re nine.)

Stand #2 – People , family, friends surround this lemonade stand with signs that say “DELICIOUS LEMONADE” , “Buy 4 glasses, get the 5th free,” and my favorite one of all, “How can you just drive by?”  But I was almost late for work and the kid had a line, with a red carpet leading up to the stand… with a bouncer.  So I drove by. This kid will own a nightclub.

Stand #3 – This was the one that I can see the most interesting future for. The stand had nice signs all over the place with friends helping direct people to the line.  They had sign up sheets to notify me where he was going to be in the future. But what made me interested the most was his brother who had a stand across the street. I could tell they were related because the poor younger brother was by himself.

Also because one of the older brothers friends had a sign that said, “My younger brothers lemonaid was made with Swamp Ass water. Mine uses double filtrated ionic water.”

I went over and threw the kid by himself a fiver.

Because when you have a future congressman as a brother, you need all the help you can get.

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