Q: What is the background of your online name… InstantTragedy?

So I have tried to keep an optimistic attitude toward everything that changed after my wife of six years left me.  I became a very bitter man.  I did not understand the bad luck and fortune that had started to accompany me.  I saw not the good in life but the more realistic in life.  I saw the homeless that I had once pitied as someone that I could be.  I saw the negative in anything.  I had let my divorce affect who I was and what I saw in life.

That was a tragedy.

When I was at work one day I was reminded of a band that I had managed or saw named Tragedy, which played in Lubbock a long time ago.  We were having all sorts of problems on the (WORK COMPUTER SYSTEM) and we were waiting for AV Tech support to call back.

Then it started to rain.

It was the beginning of a long day, and I told “Ah Instant Tragedy: Just Add Water” and a co-worker started to laugh asking me where that came from. “This is like some bad dream, some instant meal where all you do is add water and POOF, it’s done”.

So when I decided to go online playing poker I wanted to have fun and Instant Tragedy was born.

InstantTragedy is where I can be gonzo fun and not care about the consequences. I am a performer for a radio group and my life is truly never private. However I have a private Twitter handle / Facebook account where only the elite of elite ever gets to see behind the curtain. If anyone in the public asks, my handle is InstantTragedy. If people want to know the real me I’m @SeanADonahue , but the line is long for people to enter and I just don’t feel like moving the rope line yet.

For if I don’t understand where I have been, I will never truly know where I am going.

So @Ginaschreck that’s how I got my name.

What’s one fact about you that nobody would know about you but would find interesting.

I’m waiting…