If you take a look at Twitter at any time of the day, you can always find someone tweeting a quote. I don’t have a problem with the quote, but expand upon the quote, tell me why that quote is important to you, and when your account is nothing but links to other social media articles and quotes but no reason for me to follow you, you get a quick unfollow.

That is the problem with chasing a number. Social Media “experts” have to chase the followers and scores that give them notoriety which allows them to be invited to speak and be considered an expert. But are they really an expert? Probably not in my opinion because they are just a manufactured number given to them by a flawed system. Anyone can buy followers, and get reaction with paid sponsored tweets. The internet continues to move on, and you can’t just sit on your laurels celebrating your 75+ Klout score with 100k of followers.

I have 400 followers and try to respond to every message that I get back. Now imagine if you are someone who has a large amount of followers. You have to feed the beast and if you don’t it all crumbles. The world continues to spin, and with each day quality content is demanded by users. If you aren’t putting compelling content on your site, your followers and clicks disappear. Don’t give your fans an excuse to leave. Tell them a story so they may stay awhile.


When the poker boom of the turn of the 21st century began, I was part of a group of bloggers that played poker, blogged about poker and couldn’t get enough content about poker from each other. From 2003 to 2011 this group of players were creating content, blogs, videos, podcasts, live broadcasts and poker players ate it up. Sponsorships and money flowed to users.

Then Black Friday happened[2] and poker as a fun gathering shriveled up. The weekly gatherings online were gone, and all of the content provided by these players disappeared.

Content was created because of a common love and gatherings of these players, friends, compatriots still occur, but the websites where content flowed are now like graveyards[3] of old airplanes.



The passion that hundreds of thousands of players had died on Black Friday, and poker media with it. Friends of mine watched as they sponsorships disappeared and the people who used to shill for sites went back to their lives.

This is just an example of the content explosion and implosion that happens daily with different groups around the world. All it takes is one event to change the pattern of how a group’s dynamics change forever.

So my friends, don’t give me just quotes, tell me why that quote has meaning. Make me feel like I am an insider into your life. Tell me a story where I find out more about you and enrich our relationship. Give me a reason to give you that retweet and you shall get it.

Because if you just give me a quote, it makes an unfollow so much easier to give you.

[1] Image courtesy of Stuart Miles at FreeDigitalPhotos.net
[2] https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/United_States_v._Scheinberg ,the unsealing of the indictment on April 15, 2011 killed online poker in the US.
[3] http://www.dtra.mil/press_resources/photo_libra