After careful consideration, I’ve decided that I will be spending less time on Facebook and more time on my website here at I don’t have to deal with Facebook’s insane algorithm. My goal is to find someone to help me create a new skin and post photos, stories and information where if I choose, I make the revenue. I would love for people to not give their hard-earned creativity to a site that selectively doles their talent out and not freely giving it to all.
I work in a creative medium and I spend too much time on things that most people will never see.
I intend to change that. This isn’t an April Fools Joke. I’m serious. My goal is to write more and be more creative. I am happier when I allow myself to be creative… Like it, good. Don’t like it, direct your complaints to the nearest brick wall.
I’ll see you here each day with my goal, to post something original… for me and not Facebook. I’ll be bringing back my writing challenge…