Sean’s rules of life for his son Ryan Donahue

Rule #1 Don’t mess with a Donahue. If you do, you will face consequences. Have pride in your family even when we argue. Everyone fears us.
Rule #2 If confused reread rule #1
Rule #3 Consequences are delivered at a time and place of my choosing. They may never be delivered. But I could be around the corner watching you, planning your demise or I could be at home, eating home made cookies. Don’t look out your window. I said don’t look out the window.
Rule #4 You make my kid cry, I make you cry.
Rule #5 Life isn’t fair, it’s life. Jerks sometimes win, nice guys sometime finish last. Try your best and you will beat 95% of people. The other 5% are lucksacks.
Rule #6 Karma is a bitch, easily angered, amused and mean as a kicked rattlesnake. Stay on the right side of Karma
Rule #7 Help a stranger, encourage a friend, love everyone. Be the bigger person and always take the high road. It’s more scenic and less traffic.
Rule #8 Love is fickle & hard. You probably won’t marry your high school love. If you do she’ll end up nothing like the woman of your dreams. Be patient, the right woman is where you least expect it. I found your mom and then Joanna Watson Donahue. Your heart should never heal easy. If it did, it wasn’t true love.
Rule #9 Work hard, pray harder.

And finally…
Rule #10 When the going is tough know you can always lean on me. Because that’s what Dad’s are for.