Today, I got a reality check. I’ll tell you about it in a second but I need to tell you a story first.
For years I had tried to prove my worth to others I respected. I worked harder to the loss of my first marriage trying to get their approval and it never came because in all honesty, I wasn’t worth their approval.
There are people in this world who crave attention, they try their damnest to tell you why they are important and “things you need to listen to them about”. But are they truly respected or just in a circle of self-esteem needy people. Yes, I am wrong more times than I am right, but the times that I change a perspective have more meaning than the times it would be better for me to direct my concerns to a brick wall. I am not a yes man, I am a realist who looks at things with clear lenses not rose-colored glasses. I do not know everyone I should but I am a connection or two from the person who can help me. I have friends who I have talked poker, politics, sports, money and social media. I am not an expert in any of those, but my ability to communicate is my best attribute.
Some people do not understand my hatred of empty promises, of hype with no payoff. Do not tease me with “guess who’s coming” because 99 times out of 100, it is not me. I probably knew months ahead of you concerts, events and things that would blow your mind, but you will never hear me say them out loud.
I don’t have to prove that I am worth your approval. Because in all reality, you are probably seeking my approval. Stop guessing.
My dad hated guessing games. If we couldn’t tell him what we wanted him to pick up for dinner without arguing, we would end up eating fish sticks. “fuck em & feed em fish sticks,” he would tell my mom.
You want me to respect you?
Don’t tell me that you are going to tell me 12 ways to improve my social media , especially when #5 will blow my mind. It never does. 9/10 the crap you are telling me is stuff most people know. Give me deep insights and I will follow you & share/repost. Otherwise, you are just chumming the water. Some sharks will come to get caught, but most will stay away because they are smarter than that. Why is there always a story of an uncatchable fish? Because he’s smarter than his predators. He eats alone, doesn’t get caught up like the eager ones and is the patient one. Oh, so patient he is.
I have spent the last two plus years watching Twitter chats and other social media groups and it always comes down to the experts who share, the experts who want you to buy their latest book and everyone else who claims expert status.
My friends and people who couldn’t give a damn about the words from a 21+ year radio vet, it is not about chats or world-wide tweet ups. I want honest to goodness relationships with people who want to work together so we will both will succeed together.
I always tell my interns that my goal was to see them succeed and when they entered reality that they never worked a day in the lives but enjoyed their job. Today I received an ACTUAL MAILED THANK YOU CARD (they do exist) from a former intern that no one remembered but me.
It read:
It was great to see you the other day! I’m so happy you remembered me. Maybe one day I can come spin some tunes on the air! Hope to see you again soon!
Thanks for giving me my first internship! You taught me that work is better when it’s fun!
This simple card made more of an impact than any other moment I’ve had trying my damnest to please others.
Sometimes you just have to please yourself and the rest will take care of itself.
If I can help you, please ask. If I can’t, someone you know could use my help, please give them my contact info.