“I can’t afford regrets, ethics or anything there is a college course in,” I thought to myself as I took my first real job in radio, throwing away a career in sales at the Radio Shack. Looking back on that day, I wonder if I could do it over again, come to think of it I would.

I had worked part-time at the college radio station and part-time at the South Plains Mall at the ‘shack trying to get through the educational boredom at Texas Tech in the early 90’s. Boy, looking back on my life in radio, I’ve accomplished plenty.

But the stories that few have heard are the ones I need to tell. Like the time I connected Richie McDonald and his mom on an early conference call, walking down 4th on Broadway parade in an eagle costume and passing out at the Texas Tech fountain, and I won’t forget the stories of the people who my team and I have helped on the way.

Sure, I will change the names of the guilty, but those jackasses will know who they are. Cause this story, like most stories told by one of my college professor Johnny Hughes is 90% truth with a hint of bull.

So Josh McCormack, thank for the kick in the ass. I sure as hell needed it.

To my children Shelby & Ryan, everything I do, I truly do for you. To my wonderful wife Joanna, yes, you were asleep as this seed started its growth, but I know as I start on this journey, I expect you will aid me with plenty of fertilizing and weeding of my ideas. To my family, I blame you for my warped sense of humor and allowing me hamming opportunities that I have always thought was moderately funny. Okay, kind of funny. Maybe funny ut oh?

To “Regrets, Ethics or Anything There is a College Course In.”

Let’s ride!