When I was young, I was taught about heaven & hell. The nuns took their rulers to my knuckles many times during my formative years. But one day I asked, because I was bored and did not want to talk about the seven deadly sins, “If there a heaven for you and me, is there one for my dog or will he be in his own heaven?”

This question then turned into a fight with the cat owners telling the dog owners that all of their animals were going to hell while their animals were going to heaven.

After a large discussion and two raps on the knuckle for speaking out of turn, which wasn’t really new to me, the sister declared that it was up to us whether our animals went to heaven. Then she declared recess. I really think she did not want me to talk again as she pointed the ruler at me and I put my head down on my desk.

So many times in my life I have thought what it would be like for there to be a heaven for dogs. As my dog Keegan laid down tonight I had in my mind a conversation with him as we stared at each other.

“Is the grass green?” he asked.

“Why yes, everywhere you go the grass is green. It’s thick, like a warm set of arms that cuddle you in the night. There are no ants, pests of any kind in this grass, not even a dandelion,” I replied.

“What about the sun?”

“It shines warm and bright like a spring day, not too hot or too short, just perfect to catch a nap.”

“Are there toys to play with?”

“You can’t turn your head without seeing at least one ball, stuffed animal or fire hydrant. As far as the eye can see you can try a toy. When you tire of it, there will be a new one just around the corner.”

“And the squeakers?”

“Oh, when you think you have squeaked the last squeak out of a toy it comes back like new.”

“What happens at night?”

“You snuggle up with loved ones and wait for the day when the door opens and your master comes home.”

“Is this heaven?”

“Why yes Keegan, didn’t you know? All dogs go to heaven!”

Keegan Patrick passed away this morning surrounded by family who loved him.