God knows how I miss Dr. J even more today. Everyone in Lubbock with a pet knew the legend of Dr J. But she is gone and I had to move to another vet. This afternoon Keegan started to bleed and we took him to the vet after Joanna all morning had called to try to talk to the vet. His first words wasn’t, “Lets fix Keegan,” or “What would you like to do?” but “Let’s me first talk about communicati…”

I shut down and walked out of the room and composed this letter.

Dear Anonymous Lubbock Area Vet,

Before you start to criticize my wife for calling you three times because she worries about our family member, I would appreciate if you would check the patient first.

Bleeding, as you told her later, “traditionally isn’t normal in a back injury” of a dachshund.

You aren’t Dr. House and I would rather burn money right in front of you than hand it over to you.

He isn’t just a dog. He isn’t just an animal. He is my family member and since you don’t treat him as such there will be consequences.

When this adventure is over I will be looking elsewhere for my family care. Because you may consider him your cash cow, but he is my son. He is my kids protector and my wife’s live heating blanket.

I left the room this morning not because of the tough truths that you were telling my weeping wife, but in the total lack of empathy you showed her. You treated my family as you do any other wallet that you can reach in and grab every dollar that you can see. My wife knew if I stayed in the room, I would have not only yelled right back at you but posted your name, address, phone number and Facebook page for the world to see.

I pray for your healing hands to help Keegan and resist the urge to take advantage of my wife as she wept.

I am a nice man, and I will chew on my tongue.

For now.

One thought on “Dear Lubbock Area Vet,

  1. Sean it is sad that so many vets are this way. It Is why I have found a good one and will follow him. Dr clary at live oaks is tremendous man and shows the care of the animals not the dollars that a they bring in. In time of need he has talked to us and comforted us. In time of low income he has also worked with us for the care of our family memeber. I’m sooooooo angered and sad for yall to have to be faced with type of care and concern u are getting. Mine and Elizabeth’s prayers are for what ever is best for keegan and his family. Love ya brother

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