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One of my childhood heroes was Mark Holtz.  When I moved down to Texas, one of the many times I did, I was amazed by listening to the both the Mavericks and the Rangers with legend.  He opened every Ranger baseball broadcast with “It’s Baseball time in TEXAS!” I’d used to be taken on a […]

High Noon

Friday I went into the surgery center looking to be out by 3:30.  The doctor had told Joanna that if I wasn’t out at 3:30 that it would be time to worry. I went at High Noon bringing the necessary paperwork and with a slight amount of fear on my mind. I knew that Doc […]

No obvious gall stones but …

the doc still wants to remove the growths. Ok, I’m going to say it only once.  I have lipomas in me.  Its how I carry my fat.  Ten years ago I had one removed and it was found to be benign. Before Christmas I had a massage because of the stress of the holidays and […]