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High Noon

Friday I went into the surgery center looking to be out by 3:30.  The doctor had told Joanna that if I wasn’t out at 3:30 that it would be time to worry. I went at High Noon bringing the necessary paperwork and with a slight amount of fear on my mind. I knew that Doc […]

No obvious gall stones but …

the doc still wants to remove the growths. Ok, I’m going to say it only once.  I have lipomas in me.  Its how I carry my fat.  Ten years ago I had one removed and it was found to be benign. Before Christmas I had a massage because of the stress of the holidays and […]

If not now, when?

Today I’ve been reminded as I looked across a tree filled with presents and food that I am lucky. For I ate today, there was someone who went without, For I was warm today, there was someone who was trying to stay warm, For I was clothed today, there was someone who was wearing a […]