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Moving the line through a $1.50 soda

We all need to move our goal lines daily. We should work to get closer to our goals each day, then move the overall goal further away. We will achieve the short term goals, but without a long term goal to motivate us, we will be jogging in place at a finish line which has lost complete meaning due to time. We need to escape the circle track of life that constrains us to arbitrary boundaries forcing us to stay within the lines. We all know the limitations we have. But you will never achieve any goal if you do not believe you will do it.

Circle of Strife

2015 ended with a bang, snow everywhere and the City of Lubbock getting blames for everything: “Why do we have only 2 snow plows?” “Why can’t they plow my streets?” Lubbock, Tx doesn't own a snowplow. #Justsaying #txwx — Peter J. Carr (@CarrforGovofCO) December 30, 2015 “I pay taxes don’t you know…” “We should […]

Sorry Facebook, I vote no.

Today I was asked why my FB photo wasn’t of the French flag, didn’t I care? I care about the following: my family, friends, community, state, country and planet. I care that there are too many sick babies, homeless vets, hungry families, uncured diseases, crumbling infrastructure, and other outrages. I don’t care following people who […]

Thanks Grandpa!

Yesterday I talked about miracles and inaction. It reminds me of a story my late grandfather once told me: A very good man walked the earth, he took care of the sick and poor, giving to others more than he gave himself. Every night he would pray, “Dear God, I follow your son, I do […]