Gracie and other bloggers including the poker nuts i play with in the BBT have been doing this inane Meme of “Seven Random things you don’t know about me.”

I thought I was in the clear… Keeping out of the mess… But then Gracie TAGS ME! UGH. My life is usually so damn open that I really don’t hide much… BUT

Seven Random Things You Don’t Know About Me.

1. Everyone knows I love Pocket Ducks. Everyone knows the story how I won my first big tournament with Pocket Ducks. But you don’t know is that in a school play I portayed “The Duck” . So my psychological dement goes back to 2nd grade and the blackmail pictures I have hidden from view of me in a duck costume.

2. I don’t smoke and rarely drink because I am normally tagged as the designated driver (and a formally stupid morals clause in my contract). Ironically I got into an accident driving home drunks one New Years Day. Still get hell from the rents that I was the good guy and ended up in the accident.

2a. But I have a bottle of Crown Reserve Chillin for emergencies and friends.

3. My dog’s AKC name is Mugsy Red Raider Von Lubbock.

4. I’ve lived only in three states New York, Ohio, and Texas.

5. Before my job in radio I worked as a cart driver for the Cleveland International Airport. I’ve driven down the concourse such stars as: Burl Ives, Oprah Winfrey, Sugar Ray Leonard,George Peppard and have met many more that I have time to list here. One hell of a high school job.

6. I can’t eat Cottage Cheese. It makes me sick to my stomach. This wpould be the ultimate food prop bet for me. It would take a ton of money for me to eat this crap. I angered my mom once and she forced me to have a “no thank you portion”. I ate it, turned green, ran to the bathroom and threw up. Mom never tried that experiment again.

7. Don’t believe everything they say about “Required” and Mandatory. I never wrote my senior paper for high school. Told the English teacher ro bite me, (other reasons) and ignored him during class. I ended up getting a D for a paper I never turned in. Maybe it was me saying I was looking forward to him failing me so I could annoy him again next year. He was a jackass.

Bonus one: I hate the Songs Angie by the Rolling Stones and Magic Bus by thw who. Buy me a drink and I’ll tell you why.

So WHO do I tag??? Well the poker people have been tagged and retagged but I think I need to have some fun…

Obviously my brother L.T. (Stop your whining and do the damn thing bastage!)

I don’t see the Blogfather as been tagged or accomplished in this joy.

Thw woman with the LARGEST Tracts of LAND – My Almond Joy

Head of the Boob Patrol and The Poker Mama – Jamie

Kerri Happy Birthday KerBear!!!!

Jessicca – She can belt out a tune, but can she give us dirt?

and finally… because he really needs to get out more Astin!

Go Out and Multiply!

4 thoughts on “Damn You Gracie! Love ya, Mean It!!

  1. Glad you didn’t tag me, I’d have had to dig deep and into the X-files to find things you didn’t know. SCARY!

  2. Does it count if I actually knew some of those???
    Our stupid IT dept. changed Web filters and I can’t get on your blog from work anymore.
    Stupid IT dept.

  3. thanks for the tag…I will try to find the thing called “time” to do this crazy thing…LYMI

  4. I hope by “chillin” you mean the Crown Reserve just hanging out on the counter somewhere and not actually in the refrigerator!

    Sean Replies:”It’s available for even people who come over to escape fires in their backyard. Saying prayers daily dear!”

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