Room 314. Third West Murdough Hall.  Texas Tech University.  Lubbock, Texas.  16 years ago.

Sean walked into my room for the first time.  I don’t remember the circumstances behind his visit.  I sure it was somehow related to friend of a friend.  His roommate knew one of my friends from down the hall.  I do remember I was sitting in a hammock watching TV.  His first thought was cool a hammock in a dorm room.

So went the first meeting between us a long time ago, time that just doesn’t seem like that long.  Since then, we have had innumerable D&D sessions, countless football games, hours of video games, tons of beer, traded a bunch of Magic cards, and listened to hours of music.  I owe Sean as the source of my claim to have been published twice.  Not that that really means anything other than it feels good to say, but I did get to meet the original Peggy Sue from Buddy Holly’s song.  That is pretty cool.

I have an autographed photo of Jo Dee Messina courtesy of Sean.  Sean and I have enjoyed taunting each other with our rivalries throughout the years.  His Browns, my Texans, neither of us has have much reason to cheer until recently. 

Bottom line, Sean is one of “those” friends that you can rely on if you really needed help, and one you would always be there for if he needed it.  I helped Sean get married, (I still wish I had gotten my picture taken with Johanna.)  Several years later, I took the call from him asking for advice on what to do about getting a divorce.  I was one of the later friends to get married, but I was the first one divorced.  You never want to be the expert on divorce.  When my father died, Sean was one of the first ones to call me.  When I was in the hospital back in 2003, Sean called to check on me.  I was in such bad shape, I honestly couldn’t tell you if I talked to him or not.  His grandmother tried to set me up with his sister.  That is acceptance folks.  My life and his has been entwined significantly. 

Like all others, we have had our disagreements, but in the long run, what do those matter.  Those people are long gone and we are still here.  There are only a small handful of people I would put my complete trust in.  All came from Murdough Hall.  All are people I have met in college.  Sean is among the most trusted.  If I ever ran for political office, he wants to be my campaign manager.  Keep alert Sean, the nation keeps going to hell in a handcart, I may just have throw my hat in the ring. 

I’m not telling you anything you don’t already know, except that he has been like this for years.

Cheers Sean. 

One thought on “Having numbers been stuffed down my shirt: Yet Another Guest Poster. Mitchell Ivey, Lifelong Friend

  1. For the record, there were only 2 girls that stuffed numbers in my shirt that night. The bonus was that one also stuffed her tongue in my mouth as well. Good times. Plus, we got to go to a pretty killer Halloween party out of the deal.

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