My wonderful girlfriend went with my “whatever” blessing and checked the one hole in my life that can be filled.

Could I actually get a degree? And what degree would it be?

The answers are Yes and Electronic Business Journalism with an english specialization.  So next week as we continue the house hell that will fix a lot of problems we will go visit with an advisor. 

Because I’m not as far behind as I thought I was.

I could get a degree. Wow. Great news for me.  More details as I find them out.

Thanks for checking Joanna.  Every day you help me become a better man.

3 thoughts on “Graduation??? Don’t laugh it could happen!

  1. Always been a big fan of advanced degrees. It’s the only thing I have to hold over The Wife’s head (’cause whenever she proves she’s smarter than me, which is a lot, I get to say, well, I have more diplomas on the wall, so NYAH).


    PS. The “IT” in my post today has nothing to do with you.

  2. Then…… you might just want to see if you can turn that degree into a doctorate. Perhaps on the Philisophical aspects of E.B.J.?

    Just picture it! “Dr. Tragedy.”


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