So my dad is always teaching, trying to impart knowledge and his experiences on me and my brothers & sisters. After yesterday’s Nebraska Football victory I could tell he had an extra jump in his step.

“Today’s been a GREAT week. It started with UT losing (my brother in law went to UT), Tech winning, (I went to Tech) , A&M won (My sisters went to A&M) and Nebraska winning (My dad, mom and brother all went to UNL). Just a great week,” my dad started.

I asked him what about the concept of rooting for the teams in your conference to win, like Baylor and OU.

“The hell with them, when was the last time you heard a Baylor or OU fan root for Tech? I’ve gotta go take down the animals for your mother. I love you, talk to you later,” my dad finished.

Every day I appreciate my dad a little more.