There may be weaknesses, but there always is the strength of a wall
There may be weaknesses, but there always is the strength of a wall

Ladies and gentlemen, there are people in this world who intend to use you. They need your experience,  God given talents, enthusiasm, love, compassion, everything in the world they do not and can not have.

They can’t help it.

Their solution to not being able to do what you can do with ease, is to talk to you, offer you a title, a position or “an opportunity that you can’t refuse.”

Guess what? You can refuse it and it will be to your best interest to do so. Why?

They can’t do it.

They don’t have your drive, ability to communicate, technical skills. They don’t have your way with people, fashion sense, any abilities that are their shortcomings.  They can’t stand that you have what they need.

So they will low ball you. Offer you things and opportunities that may be better than what you have, but NOT what you need.

Look at them, they need you. They must pay. Yes, you will help them but at a price that would cause a wise man to wince and a sane man to go insane.  They must give you what you need and they will never give up.


You are strong and if you give in anything. Don’t give in on this fact… if you don’t control it, you can’t save/manipulate/help/fix/improve it.  You are under the control of another, in the end, their thoughts and desires are nowhere NEAR the thoughts and desires of yours.

You will always lose when you are under another persons control.

A year ago I was asked to join an organization.

One that was meant to help people. I thought it was a good idea. It was a collaborative effort. But someone else had the control and collaboration meant doing whatever they wanted with everything under their umbrella of influence.

I stayed and helped until I realized, I wasn’t gaining anything from this collaboration.

I was working for someone who had the control and in the end, the power.

When I balked, they yelled and screamed, telling me that I had no knowledge and or influence. I was a failure and would end up without any true power or influence. They berated me, my wife, anyone who would listen.

So I took my ball and left.

I left the circus because I was tired of walking the tightrope without a net while the ring master called me a clown.

Do you know what happened today?

The circus came to town, hat in hand, asking for my assistance. They asked me to “join the group again as it wasn’t the same without you.”

I did not reply.

The circus is in my area. Asking for me to stand next to them while they paint me up in clown makeup.

Sorry. I just won’t do it.

I’m doing things for me and I’m going to start to tell you a plan I have made.

Not all at once, but piece by piece.

I’ve declared myself independent. Yes, I don’t have 5,000 people reading me, but the 10 that do matter. They tell 3-4 of their friends when I have hit the nail on the head and sooner or later I’ll have the people here reading what I have to say.

But I’m sorry “Trixie,” I don’t have time for your pipe dreams using me, to improve you, at my expense.

So I’m asking you, my friends to do one thing.

Find the people trying to put clown makeup on you, kick em with your “clown shoes” and I’ll see you when all our plans come true.

Some future posts will be locked. Not because I don’t trust you, but because the secrets just aren’t ready yet. Be patient.

Walls have to go up before they go crashing to the ground.