This weekend of rest has come to a conclusion. I’ve spent the last 48 hours thinking about the fortune that have been blessed upon me and my family. From the support of my parents and siblings, to the everlasting love of my wife Joanna Watson Donahue I have been lucky beyond belief.

With co-workers like Corye Gill , Kris Parks and Randi Leigh Thomas working by my side, not as subordinates, but true believers in the power of helping kids, we helped University Medical Center’s Foundation raise over $173,000.

Think about that for a minute.

All we did was put the call out to the citizens of Lubbock and surrounding areas, and they answered our prayers.

We had the love of miracle families past and present who sent us best wishes and love from people like Angela Dunahoo Whorton to friends who knew the struggles we were up against and sent us a smiley face when we were at our lowest.

We had technical problems that we had never encountered before, yet we prevailed.

We had a lack of parents at the playhouse this year because of school and the timing of the event, yet we prevailed.

We dealt with politics, angry words, tears and frustrations.

We survived 36 hours of fear and anguish as they were replaced with love and joy.

Every year I say, “This is my last year.” This is my defense mechanism. Radiothon is like an adrenaline rush no one person understands until they experience it.  But like Michael Corleone , “Just when I thought I was out… they pull me back in.” I will await the call, the signal that the children once again need me, and if nominated, I will not run. But if elected, I will serve.

So I thank you, my friends for allowing me to lead this merry band of misfits. I thank you for allowing me to be touched by the hands of children who just want to be well. I thank you for allowing me into your lives miracle families for you honor me every year you allow me to see your children laughing and smiling as their lives have replaced tragedy with happiness.

The 3 kids above posing with me, are 3 of the original 4 miracle kids, that I have watched grow up with great pride, Kelsey, Peter and Kristin. Their successes make me proud every day. So I say to my friends this year as always , we smiled, laughed, cried and allowed our souls to be touched once again by the hand of God as he reached in and told us, well done, my faithful servant.