2014 is a crucial year for our republic. Why? It isn’t because of the ton of political ads that we will start to see between now and 2016, nope it’s because of 4 senior citizens. You may think I am crazy, but the most crucial part of these next 2 election cycles will be the balance of the United States Senate.


Because the Hon. Ruth Bader Ginsberg is 81 and has already survived colon and pancreatic cancer.

Because the Hon. Anthony Scalia is 78.

Because the Hon. Anthony Kennedy is 77.

Because the Hon. Stephen Breyer is is 75.

If any of the 4 of these justices were to die or retire, it would put an enormous strain on balance of the court. If Scalia and Kennedy were to leave first, the 5-4 conservative balance could be in jeopardy.

I’m a independent, and I know that years of wise decisions are a heartbeat away from being changed.

Think about that.

Whichever party holds the reins of the Senate, holds the country’s fate.

What do you think?


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