Why do I honor Palmer, Player and Nicklaus like golf gods and ignore Woods, Mickleson and Garcia?  Because the former played golf for the love of the game. They played with honor and played as much as they could because golf didn’t have big tournament purses. They needed that money to survive.  Now golf players have equipment that are 1000 times better than the clubs in Palmer’s time and people shoot in the 60’s like it was taking the trash out.

It wasn’t easy for Palmer, Player and Nicklaus, but they will always be heroes to me, because they played the game without sponsor exemptions and with technology. They played cause they loved the game.

So this morning 3 of my gold heroes Arnold Palmer, Gary Player and Jack Nicklaus teed off to start the 2014 Masters.  The old guard will be pushed aside , but as long as we never forget them.

I hope that Tiger Woods never beats Jack Nicklaus. Yes, Tiger has skills and talent, but he has the heart of a corporation.


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