A friend of mine I met through a startup, asked some questions on social media about creating startups companies in India.

What would you do to create a business if you had 100 INR in your pocket was the question Mitesh posed? I watched the conversation begin over several posts with ideas, thoughts and concepts being thrown out. Intrigued, watching intelligent people throw out ideas.

Why didn’t I think about that? We spend our lives wanted better things, but people who succeed go and get them.
When I started in radio, I wanted the job of a program director, running a station. I set a goal, a high one but once I accomplished it I let the goal define me instead of me redefine the goal. So once circumstances changed I redefined my goal being the best director of digital media my company has. So far so good. My goals achieved have created future goals. Instead of being happy with the goal line I had jogged in place at for years, I moved the line. It forced me to run in uncomfortable circumstances and get out of running on the circle track of life that always ended at the same goal line I had for 15 years.

We all need to move our goal lines daily. We should work to get closer to our goals each day, then move the goal further away. We will meet the short-term goals, but without a long-term goal to motivate us, we will be jogging in place at a finish line which has lost complete meaning due to time. We need to escape the circle track of life that constrains us to arbitrary boundaries forcing us to stay within the lines. We all know the limitations we have. But you will never make any goal if you do not believe you will do it.

Another friend of mine is an Ironman triathlete. Randy has achieved what many try but few carry out. He trained for a 2.4-mile swim, a 112-mile bicycle ride and a marathon 26.2-mile run all finishing in a 17 hour time period. I once asked him how he could do it.

“One stroke, one pedal and one step at a time.”

He didn’t try to do it all in one day, but started with a swim, a ride and a run until he could do it all at the same time .

I WANT YOU TO BE A MENTAL CROSS COUNTRY RUNNER! Keep moving forward like you always have someone chasing after you and you will succeed more than if you jog in place while reading the latest novel on your phone.

English: Snack Machine
English: Snack Machine (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

About the $1.50 soda… my wife couldn’t get out of her work during the recent snow storm and used her debit card to pay for a 20 ounce soda in a vending machine. With the .25 cent convenience charge tacked on, it was $1.50. She needed a drink and was willing to pay a charge that to this day drove me crazy.

It’s just a soda you cry, what’s the big deal?

Because that simple $1.50 soda, we take for granted, is the same amount of money that my friend Mitesh was using to motivate people in India to create a business from.

Perspective my friends is everything.

So my friends in India, I wish you well with your businesses and look forward to seeing success now and in the future from you. I will continue to cheer you on and cannot wait to see the victories you will make.

Every goal starts with taking one step forward. Lace up your shoes, and let’s go!