Thanks Grandpa!

Yesterday I talked about miracles and inaction. It reminds me of a story my late grandfather once told me: A very good man walked the earth, he took care of the sick and poor, giving to others more than he gave himself. Every night he would pray, “Dear God, I follow your son, I do […]

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Why I love her…

I try my best not to get involved with drama, because I dislike drama. I want everyone to be cooperative, friendly and encouraging to others. Not that many people do that in this world.

She supports my vision.

This is why I love her.

Joanna lives in a town far away from her parents because I have a career here. She has sacrificed so I might flourish. She encourages me to be better every day and is the first one to tell me when I have failed & hug me afterwards.

This is why I love her.

Always learning from Dad

So my dad is always teaching, trying to impart knowledge and his experiences on me and my brothers & sisters. After yesterday’s Nebraska Football victory I could tell he had an extra jump in his step. “Today’s been a GREAT week. It started with UT losing (my brother in law went to UT), Tech winning, […]


Actions that were made because of greed and because a board member didn’t want to share the publicity of an event with a radio group saddened me when the event ended but it brought up a story my dad told me when we lived in New York.

He was chopping wood, doing what he called to my mother, “Life’s Work” , and I asked him why he chopped the wood rather than have somebody else do it for him.

“Easy Sean, I know the value that I have in my own work. Never let another person tell you what your value is. If they don’t truly value your effort, then you will never be seen in their eyes as valuable. You are valuable. I love you.”